i've just samshed my Arducopter :


fliying with the latest and greatest code : everthing well.

hoovering around a bit but suddenly the Arducopter flipped to his back and crashed to the ground.....

everythin with my 2.4 GHZ rec 7 Trans is ok.


any idea ? or is it stlii too much " BETA " ?

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Chris, did soldering solve the problem?


yes : solder them ( i.g cut of the plugs )

Yes it did solve the problem.  I'm switching to a different connector from now on, but if you have bullet connectors a dab of solder is enough to tighten the joint so it doesn't slip during flight. 

My son also designed a new carbon fiber frame which protects the blades, so it is not much more robust against crashing into things.  Saved a lot of money on spare parts already.  See http://www.lovettsoftware.com/images/CarbonFrame.jpg


your son's quad design looks very interesting, since I am a beginner in RC. Does the frame fly well? Any video on the net?



Bullet connectors are electrically some of the best connectors our there, if you stay away from the swivel crap some manufacturers have started with. A real bullet connector should be a solid piece of metal. Like for example this.


Those do indeed look much better than the ones I have, I just ordered some to try them out.

It flies really well.  The carbon fiber is very light so it is quite agile.  The extra surface area does catch the wind a bit more, but the protection for the blades is worth it.

Thanks for the information. My hexa+ consumes props because I am still go down so fast that it bounces and flip.



I usually also take a flat screwdriver and bend the connection arms out slightly more, so that the connector is really tight when you connect it (to the point that you have to struggle a bit to insert it).

I've never had any problems with my bullet connectors, although I have the HobbyKing gold-plated ones. They fit very tight indeed, and it's quite hard to pull them back out again.

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