It may be a good idea to add some user configurable accelerator keys in the mission planner. For example, when I press "M" or some joystick button, the mode of APM changes to Manual. It may help reduce the number of buttons in the action tab, and let joystick users be able to keep their hands on joystick all the time.

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i dont think i will ever add single letter accelerators, to dangerous. i will have a look at some other options however.
That's just an example. Alt+M may be more appropriate, but it will be better to let the user choose the accelerators.
i will add joystick first, and go from there

Right now the shortcut key is configured in the joystick setup dialog. It allows you to assign a fly mode for each joystick button. It is simple, but I think it is not quite easy to expand for future, i.e. there will be soon a long list in the drop-down box as more functions are added. The UI I prefer, is to group similar actions, and allow user to assign a key/button for each action, just like those in the PC/Console games, as shown

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