Suggestion to improve analyzing logs

I am a newbie and I am tracking an issue with my setup.

So I am looking at specific times trying to figure out what is going on. This is frustrating because it is very difficult to go to a specific point in time.

So here is what would make this a lot easier

a) Make the slider-bar in the Telemetry Log Tab as long as possible

     This would give it more granularity to move to a specific point in time.

b) Allow to move to a specific point in time via an explicit time input ( e.g. enter time of 15:30:32)

c) Make the (time speed) entry a slider as well. This would allow to "fast forward" and than move the

    slider to " slow motion" when one gets to the time of interest.

d) Allow to reverse the direction 

If there is a better way to do what I am trying to accomplish please let me know.

Aloha Matthias

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  • Thanks Michael

    Is there anything I can/should do?

    I think A and C already would be a great help

  • Developer


    a. seems good to me

    b. not as easy as that im afraid, as that requires processing the entire log.

    c. seem doable as well.

    d. this wont happen either, just due to the mavlink packet structure.

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