As some of you might know I am working on Super OSD, a fully graphical on screen display, which is based on my open source software and hardware designs (

Basically I am working on two versions:
* a datalogging FPV version for first person view (FPV) flyers; this has analog inputs, GPS inputs, sensors galore, and SD card datalogging. This would be a bit more expensive but probably no more than $70.
* a basic version for connecting to an Arduino via. a two wire I2C bus. This would be very low cost (probably around $20-$25.)

I am going to have to make PCBs of these, but how? Does anyone have any idea how I could get PCBs of these manufactured? I was thinking of places like ChinaPCB but they have an expensive tooling cost, so does anyone know any better places? Where are boards like ArduPilot, etc. made?

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This old post has a few options that you can check out.

For $20 count me in!
Hmm, that sounds pretty good; $51 for 3 boards, I wonder if they ship to the UK.

(BTW, is anyone else finding it's impossible to click "Reply to This" in Firefox? I have to use Chrome. Running on Ubuntu 10.04.)
Actually, since the Arduino compatible board will probably be single sided (as it is only a dsPIC and a few passive components) I can probably make them at home. I already have half the cost: a UV exposure unit, which was donated by my teacher who didn't need it any more (very kind of him.) Since meeting $25 will be tough it doesn't look like spending 1/3rd my price target on just the PCBs is really worth it; I may have to up the price a bit.
batch pcb, the same place sparkfun gets its prototypes, $10 for setup and $2.50 per sq inch after that. i will be using this place for my ardupilot imu shield;
Yeah, I just found out about them; thing is, how much is the shipping to the UK? I've still got to solder in the components, and then ship back, that'll be quite costly...
you could find someone to put it together in the usa for you, like a couple of diy drones members wanting to help. also did you look at my imu shield. it is my first schematic and boardin eagle besides the ftdi tutorial at sparkfun and i am looking for some advice.
You might want to try the friendly people over at Open Pilot. They might have the equipment to build the PCBs and distribute to the US.
Hi Tom,
I found a thread about PCB creation :
They talk about Olimex (in europe)
Matthias (badzz on rcgroup)
and this in beautiful England :
Interesting. I may just have to fork out £42 for some boards. I was also considering Olimex, they do some very good deals.
There are many places to have boards made, really depends on how fast and what quality you want or cant get away with for testing. Feel free to send a message. is another chinese vendor

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