As some of you might know I am working on Super OSD, a fully graphical on screen display, which is based on my open source software and hardware designs (

Basically I am working on two versions:
* a datalogging FPV version for first person view (FPV) flyers; this has analog inputs, GPS inputs, sensors galore, and SD card datalogging. This would be a bit more expensive but probably no more than $70.
* a basic version for connecting to an Arduino via. a two wire I2C bus. This would be very low cost (probably around $20-$25.)

I am going to have to make PCBs of these, but how? Does anyone have any idea how I could get PCBs of these manufactured? I was thinking of places like ChinaPCB but they have an expensive tooling cost, so does anyone know any better places? Where are boards like ArduPilot, etc. made?

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Here one more pcb manufacturer uk, Rush Circuit Technologies

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