Let's put this in here so everyone can start to post reports and get their devices working. 

Tested and OK devices:

- Samsung Galaxy Note II (AND_4.1.2) - (19.02.13)

- Samsung Galaxy S3 (AND 4.1.1) - (19.02.13)

- Samsung SIII, (AND 4.1.2) -  (21.02.13)

HTC One X+ (AND 4.1.2) - (21.02.13)

Acer Iconia A500 (Thors ROM) - (28.02.13)

- T-PAD IS709C, (AND 4.0.3) - (03.03.13)

Motorloa Photon XT897 (AND 4.0.4) - (05.03.13)

- Samsung 8" Note (AND 4.1.2) - (25.04.13)

Asus TF300T and TF300TG


Tested but having problems:

- Oker TP-703 tablet (AND_4.1.1) - no link (19.02.13)

So if you have a device that you tested and it is working or not working, please post in here so we can update list, Please include your android OS version too.

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Kevin, tested same cable/modem on both devices SG-NoteII and my new Oker TP-703 tablet. NoteII is just fine now with new cable but tablet won't connect now. 

What is best ways to debug if there is something wrong on drivers/hardware etc?

I really wonder why my earlier cable did not work. As it did work with mouse/keyboard just fine. 

Tested device:


Samsung Galaxy S3 (AND_4.1.1) with RFD900 modem (compatible with 3DR modem):

  • Needed to feed modem with external power;
  • Link ok, but some issues occur ( see here );

Did you have FTDI cable/adapter with your RFD?

I just tested again it on my 4.1.1 and got program called USB Device Info. On small tablet it does not show anything but on SGNote2 I can see all usb information correctly when connecting it.

Yes, I have FTDI cable with my modem. It is the same connection I use to connect modem to APM Mission Planner on my PC.

Differently from the 3DR modem, which has a USB conector for direct connection with devices, the RFD900 modem has pins where you can do many types of connection, making it easy to external power source feed.

Are you using which modem?



Well we are one of the core developers in here and Seppo who made those modems is my friend. So yes we do have them too. Check out jDrones.com  :)

I'm testing within Samsung S3 tethered to T-Mobile running 4.1.1  with Xbee Pro 900 for TM, works well. Except...

Until today's update I was having problems displaying Parameters list, now only a few messages are missing FLT MODE 3 and FailSafe Short, both show (?)  no data.

I am connecting to an APM 1 (2650) running Ardupilot 2.65 with some changes to mavlink to allow NAV–DOP messages from Ublox for true DGPS fix status and accurate HDOP values. By design/default Ublox libarary only sends PDOP values that we use as HDOP. I also sends text messages to Remzibi OSD or MiniOSD.on port 3  with Telemetry out on Port 1 both at 57600.

Mark, your Galaxy S3 is diplaying parameters list with Andropilot V1.0.04 ?

And what about the waypoints, they are displayed too?



Yes, both are displaying with OS 4.1.1. running ADP 1.0 04

Any other configuration?

I am not able to make it work!!!



Mark, hmm i was trying to find Andropilot in Play store with my older S3 but could not. How did you install your ADP?

Hmm - What version of android on that older S3?  I have the play store filters set to not show it to devices <3.1 but otherwise there shouldn't be any restrictions.  

Alternatively you can try installing from the github site (just go to the download links at the root of this group while surfing on your phone to download the APK directly).  You might need to go to settings / security and turn on "unknown sources"

Hi Jani,

So just so I'm clear: so the NoteII is basically 'good to go' now but the Oker has issues?  What version of android on the Oker?  Does the oker work with mouse/keyboard?  If it does can you try an experiment: Plug an externally powered hub in between the Oker and the radio board?  Some devices might not be able to provide enough current for the radio.


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