switching from arducopter to pixhawk using iris transmitter and receiver

I have a arducopter hex from jDrones or Canada drones I bought from a person who couldn't get it to fly.

Canada Drones said they built it and it flies.

I have original dji phantom and the vision also

I was part of beta testing the Iris and bought consumer edition and traded up the test to consumer so I have 2 Iris 's.

Plus the Xmas pixhawk we got which I am thankful for!

I took the receiver from the Iris and the transmitter to control my hex.

I took the pixhawk also from the Iris.

I took 1-4 and plugged into top pins 1-4 and 5,6 into top pins 7,8.

My power red, black plugged into middle and top pins for power plus power on pixhawk

I power up pixhawk and pcb then when lights are green press flashing red switch to steady red.

But nothing happens but beeping?

What am I doing wrong

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I should have said that I did get it to fly using arducopter board and turnigy9 and it's receiver that it came with, it's just I would rather use the pixhawk and it's transmitter n receiver the iris came with.

I love my Iris hands down over either dji uav's

My only issue is the gimbal and gopro3 I don't like having to remove gopro to charge or remove sd card.

But back to why I can't get motors to spin, anyone have an idea?

Ironically it was the simplest mistake!

I never plugged in the buzzer! I never would have thought it was needed but it said it had to plugged in!

So after all that I got it to fire up.....Except motors 5,6 won't fire up?

On the arducopter board it was 7,8. So I plugged it in 7,8 and 5,6 but still won't fire up these last two motors.

1-4 fire up but not 5,6 so any suggestions?

And it's set for hexa

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