T-Frame hexa - cheap and easy to build? Any disadvantages?

Hi all.

I really like the arm spread of coaxial multicopters and I converted my Old hexa to a Y6 with some DIY motor mount plates (first wood, but i switched a pair with aluminum and i think i will continue using aluminum plates)

Now I am working on my own Frame design and am experimenting with a T shaped frame.

My first frame prototype was very easy to build and seemed very rigid, so I continued designing a two deck version which. I am about to build this month. This time, I plan to mount the electronics and get this thing in the air.

Since there are very few T-shaped frames here, i wonder if there are any obvious problems or disadvantages with this kind of frame?

Kind regards

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I applaud your DIY mindset and encourage you to continue with the idea. You are using some of my favorite materials.

T might be considered a modified Y configuration. It is certainly simpler regarding construction.

It does not look like you planning a tilting section for yaw control -- often the case with Y configs.

Plates and tube, there are many ways to use them.


Hi Doug, thank you for your encouragement. Since this is going to be a 6 rotor coaxial build, I won't need a tilting function.

My T6Mk.1 will be built with square aluminum tubes and 9mm multiplex/plywood, however, when I'm satisfied with the frame, I plan to build Mk.2 with carbon plates instead of wood.

Kind regards

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