Take UAV video for my company around the world - on the ocean!

Firstly, I am NOT a UAVer, but I love this stuff, especially the video side of it. Ah, maybe you can help me?

I hope this is a simple, maybe even an exciting request:

I work for a large transnational shipping company and we have 100s of vessels around the world, REALLY global, and REALLY big vessels. I want some UAV / drone videos of our vessels sailing the seven seas.

Do YOU want to travel around the world taking UAV videos of our vessels?

Do you want to also be a bit of a journalist by talking to our seafarers and capturing life at sea?

Do you even have a seafaring background?!

I want to make some shit hot content that will wow our industry, make you a star. And of course, we will pay you.

Think of this:

A round the world ticket; access to some seriously BIG kits, travelling the world's oceans, a warm welcome on board, meet people from all over the world, have fun, make some seriously COOL videos. You bring your UAVs and a great personality and a willingness to work hard. Together, we conquer the world, right?

What say you?


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