Taranis 6 Position Switch for 6 Flight Modes w/APM 2.5 & Mission Planner

This for people who are interested in Taranis 6 Position Switch setup for 6 Flight Modes w/APM 2.5 & Mission Planner.


Flight Mode PWM Values

FM 1 – PWM 0 - 1230

FM 2 – PWM 1231 - 1360

FM 3 – PWM 1361 - 1490

FM 4 – PWM 1491 - 1620

FM 5 – PWM 1621 - 1749

FM 6 – PWM 1750+


SF 2-Position Switch

SF UP D0 – FM1 (PWM 1100)

SF DWN ID1 – FM2 (PWM 1300)


SA 3-Position Switch

(SA UP ID0) – Not Assigned / No Values

(SA MID - ID1) – FM3 (PWM 1420)

(SA DWN ID2) – FM4 (PWM 1550)




(SF UP - ID0) & – (SA UP ID0) FM1 (PWM 1100) Source - MAX, Weight  -77, Multpx - Replace

(SF DWN - ID1) & – (SA UP ID0) FM2 (PWM 1300) Source - MAX, Weight -38, Multpx - Replace


(SF UP - ID0) & (SA MID - ID1) - FM3 (PWM 1420) Source - MAX, Weight 10, Switch - (SA MID ID1) , Multpx – Add

(SF UP - ID0) & (SA DWN - ID2) - FM4 (PWM 1550) Source - MAX, Weight  47, Switch - (SA DWN ID2), Multpx – Add


(SF DWN - ID1) & (SA MID -ID1) – FM5 (PWM 1700) Source - MAX, Weight 62, Switch -( SA MID -ID1) , Multpx – Add

(SF DWN - ID1) & (SA DWN - ID2) – FM6 (PWM 1800) Source - MAX, Weight 50, Switch -(SA DWN - ID2) , Multpx – Add

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wow thanks for that, with your permission I will put that in the product page! 


yes please feel free to place into the product page.


i found this quite confusing, been trying to input all this to companion9x but have no clue yet :D

manage to get it into EEPE, your instruction was not quite complete :) attached the EEPE just incase anyone need it


Thanks for together the eepe file!


Here's a much simpler alternative solution using curves I did back in August.  It also uses speech to announce the flight modes as you enter them:



FYI: The rcsettings site has a bunch of Taranis config examples for sharing.

I downloaded the 6POS.eepe.

Doesn't work for me.

The mixes are on ch8.

How do my switches affect the flight modes when they are on ch5 and ch6??

What am I missing??

Thanks Scott, your setup works.

How did you get the .wav file list to show under the Custom Functions Parameters??

For the radio, you just need to copy them to the correct directory on the sdcard.

For Companion9x, you need to set the "SD Structure Path" under File->Preferences to point to either your Taranis' sdcard (will only work with the radio connected) or keep a copy of the whole sdcard structure on your PC and point to that.

And, the correct directory on the SD Card is???

On the SDcard, you put your .wav files into SOUNDS\en

In companion9x, you point right at the root of the SDcard structure, so something like: J:\

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