Taranis 6 Position Switch for 6 Flight Modes w/APM 2.5 & Mission Planner

This for people who are interested in Taranis 6 Position Switch setup for 6 Flight Modes w/APM 2.5 & Mission Planner.


Flight Mode PWM Values

FM 1 – PWM 0 - 1230

FM 2 – PWM 1231 - 1360

FM 3 – PWM 1361 - 1490

FM 4 – PWM 1491 - 1620

FM 5 – PWM 1621 - 1749

FM 6 – PWM 1750+


SF 2-Position Switch

SF UP D0 – FM1 (PWM 1100)

SF DWN ID1 – FM2 (PWM 1300)


SA 3-Position Switch

(SA UP ID0) – Not Assigned / No Values

(SA MID - ID1) – FM3 (PWM 1420)

(SA DWN ID2) – FM4 (PWM 1550)




(SF UP - ID0) & – (SA UP ID0) FM1 (PWM 1100) Source - MAX, Weight  -77, Multpx - Replace

(SF DWN - ID1) & – (SA UP ID0) FM2 (PWM 1300) Source - MAX, Weight -38, Multpx - Replace


(SF UP - ID0) & (SA MID - ID1) - FM3 (PWM 1420) Source - MAX, Weight 10, Switch - (SA MID ID1) , Multpx – Add

(SF UP - ID0) & (SA DWN - ID2) - FM4 (PWM 1550) Source - MAX, Weight  47, Switch - (SA DWN ID2), Multpx – Add


(SF DWN - ID1) & (SA MID -ID1) – FM5 (PWM 1700) Source - MAX, Weight 62, Switch -( SA MID -ID1) , Multpx – Add

(SF DWN - ID1) & (SA DWN - ID2) – FM6 (PWM 1800) Source - MAX, Weight 50, Switch -(SA DWN - ID2) , Multpx – Add

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Those setting aren't relevant.

You need to have your APM device attached via your receiver.

Then setup the flight modes with Mission Planner

They are!

I need the ch5 to reach certain points to activate different Flight options.

The problem is: I can't check if they are correct and the APM will be able to use the values I used (found online).

You'll need channel 5 for your 2 position switch and channel 6 for your 3 position switch.

I would suggest that wait until you receive your APM and we can address the setup then!!

Flight modes are all on ch5 on APM. With 2 switches, 3pos and 2pos or 3and3.
All mixed on ch5.

Here are my Taranis screenshots,  you can copy them on yours.

It works using the SC and SD switches:

-SC up  + SD up = mode 1

-SC middle + SD up = mode 3

-SC down + SD up = mode 5

-SC up + SD not up (either middle or down) = mode 2

-SC middle + SD not up (either middle or down) = mode 4

-SC down + SD not up (either middle or down) = mode 6

You have three screens to configure : Mixer, custom switches and custom functions.

Mixer screen:

Custom switches screen:

Custom functions screen:

The custom functions are here to play a sound file saying the name of your flight mode when the switch is flicked (not required but nice add-on)

Thanks for your help.

That's so amazing.

So that I can learn from you: Could you explain why you did SC / SD / !SD / 0.5 the way you did?

How do you knew the values for max?

max -50

max 11


Also: I count just 5 mixes for ch5. Did you miss one?


So a few more explanations:

-APM expects to receive a PWM signal on channel 5 to select the flight mode. Each flight mode is a prefixed PWM value: 1185 is mode 1, 1300 is mode 2, etc. The list of these six prefixed values are in the wiki manual.

-so we need to build these six values on the taranis. To do this, you play with the values for max in the mixer, so that each combination of the SC and SD switches adds their respective "value for max", producing the six prefixed PWM values you need for APM channel 5

-the six PWM values are created by either a single line in the channel 5 mixer or by two lines. This is why you see only 5 lines: they are not individually linked to one mode (actually three of the six modes are created by activating two lines in the mix at the same moment)

- the mixer screen is self sufficient to generate your six PWM values on channel 5

-the CS and CF screens are there only to hear the names of the modes when they are activated. The CS switches define the physical switch combination corresponding to a certain mode; then the CF screen says to play the sound file of this mode when this custom switch (CS) is activated. The 0,5 is a delay in seconds required before the custom switch is active, so that it let's you have time to physically switch the switches through an intermediate physical switch position that would correspond to another flight mode.

Thanks for this explanation.

I am just typing the values into my taranis....there is one thing I don't get:

Why do you link the value to a switch and not to CS1...CSx ?

He's using !SD as its a tristate switch. You could easily select SD-, but then if you pulled it back to SD(down) you lose your condition and the flight mode could change again as the mix value is not being fed to CH5 anymore. That said its only for flight mode announcements, the actually function triggers a mode change on SD(down)


I just received my APM.

I did configure all of your settings and it's working fine.


Hey all,

So I found that I like Scott Pritchett's 6 Pos mode switch with RTL. 

His file that i started with is here:


I did add to it by setting up the Flight Modes in the Taranis to match the flight modes in the APM.  This will result in displaying your currently selected flight mode on the screen..  I also added S2 as volume control.

Feel free to use!


I followed your menu keys, but I only get three flight modes.  Everything seems to be working on the transmitter end, but when hooked up to mission planner I only get three flight modes.  It seems like moving switch SC does nothing to enter the next three flight modes. 

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