team black sheep discover pro with APM 2.6 and minimosd

hello all , so i just finished my second disco build , but with a few differences , i wanted to get as many bells and whistles as i could so ive swapped out the naza for APM 2.6 and minimosd , all the video gear and gimbal going perfect , but when it came to tuning the PIDS things get hairy , im using all stock TBS 900kv motors and the "bullet proof" 30 amp esc , i see a few of you guys had the original disco set up running apm , could you share your pids? so i can compare notes :D any suggestions would be awesome ! :D

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finished build , just needs nav lights and a bit of a polish the GPS case is an old portable speaker with the guts pulled out on a foam noodle , and a plate of copper behind i now get a compass mot of 9% with all my gear going , so telemetry at 900mhz control at 433mhz and a 2.4ghz video tx gps and throttle at 100% im pretty happy with that :) what do you guys think??


Hi Euan,

I understand the general theory of tuning and have had a lot of success with the Dave Tuning guide as a starting rference.  Questions.
"And it's RATES your tuning. Not the stabilize/auto/throttle ones. Set them to default."

Do you set Stab_p to zero while you are tuning rate_p,d and i.

If i experience bounce when the error condition is corrected how can i remove this, i tune up to the oscilliation and back off 5% but im finding bouce.

Any help would be greatlu appreciated.




Here pics of my Team Black Sheep discovery pro.

Can any one shed some light on tuning yaw for both acro and stab modes.  Its something i have never done but with the stabilized gimbal its one of the problems im seeing when filming the flight.





If you first tune P to wobbles, and the set to zero, do your D and then re tune P, why do you tune P as first step?

Also what do you do with Stab_P while you are tuning, leave as defualt 4.5 or set to 0??



ok so about an hour ago i had my final crash with my apm 2.6 on the disco pro , after many sessions of tweaking and tuning it flys but nowhere near as well as the naza , im sure its just me and my inability to tune my pids correctly , but i have inflicted enough damage to my poor wee disco , so im going BACK to naza, anyone in nz want to buy a apm2.6 and minimosd? i did however find out that most of the crashes ive had only damage the gimbal , ive broken off the plugs on the top plate and had to solder them back on , popped out the rubbers and just slightly bent the top corner where the gimbal bolts into the frame so as i learn to fly better im going to look at adding pool noodles around the gimbal so i dont break anything else

For what it's worth, I couldn't get my DiscoPro to fly at all well with the APM 2.5 either. I've just installed the Pixhawk and it's rock solid in stabilise mode. The other modes, not so much yet - waiting for some parts to mount things better.

Im wondering has anyone tried the new auto tune feature of 3.1 to see if that sorts out the problem and is able to tune the TBS pro correctly for better flight??


My standard Disco's possible an ESC freaked out.

Will be retrying this weekend.

I've completed one auto tune successfully. I actually didn't see much difference because it was flying really well prior to tuning. Now my pixhawk freaked out, continually giving 3 short beeps followed by 3 long so I haven't been able to review logs. Will give it another go this weekend.

Hi guys,

I am new to this and i have just bought a TBS pro, i have a APM 2.6 and a uBlox GPS with compass, Futaba 14 sg RC, i have a skyzone fpv goggle with 2 axis head tracker and a 2 axis FPV camera, a GoPro 3+ BE, a long range VTx, would like to know how to connect all these especially power the Gimal servos and the FPV camera, APM 2.6 can't power servos. Would appreciate anypne can help me, tks

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