Hi as I am new I dont know where to place this question.  There are 2 choice for telemetry (as I know) 900MHz and 2.4 GHz .

What are their difference (usage/setting) pro & con please. I saw they have same price.

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I was only talking with one of my customers the other day, and we agreed that "problem", "failed" or "issue" were words that you do not hear with the word "futaba" in the same sentence :)

That's why I only sell Futaba radios at this time, I know they are great! I do know there are a lot of people using different radios out there, but I always say stick to what you know! :)

Martint: I love Futaba, too. Never had a problem of any sort..

Are you based in Australia? I am doing some 900 MHz testing right now using Xtend 1 Watt modules with australian frequency hopping firmware.

Yes I am in Victoria. I decided to use 900MHz too. 

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