Telemetry to Turnigy 9X (with FrSky FLD-02 Telemetry Display Screen)

Hi all,

My setup is this:

Transmitter: Turnigy 9X running er9x

TX/RX: FrSky DJT 2.4Ghz Combo Pack for JR w/ Telemetry Module & V8FR-I...

Flying thingy: 3RD Arducopter running APM1

I already have telemetry over Xbee to my laptop but I would like to have data to my hands as well.

There are mods/hacks on google how to get transmitter to show FrSky telemetry but I'm planning on taking the easy route and buy a separate FLD-02 screen. 

My questions:

1. Do you have experience using APM and the FLD-02?

2. Any reason why this is stupid? :-) I have no problems soldering tricky stuff but if there is a cheap and easy way (the FLD-02) then I'll take it!

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Ok, I think I see what is wrong with GPS coordinates. According to the FrSky doc, longitude is defined as follows:


With "before the dot" being the first int and "after the dot" being the second int. After reading the code, it looks like you are just passing the int value of the longitude in the first 2-byte int, whereas the doc looks like it also wants you to include the first 2 decimal places, and the last 4 decimals go in the second 2-bytes.

Latitude is similar, but only has two places for the whole number:


I am going to have to brush up on my bit-level encoding to be able to fix. If you know how to do this easily, then hopefully you can provide us all a fix! :)

My voltage screen on the FLD-02 is also a little strange. Its detecting 3S (because it looks like you send the 0x06 item 3 times I assume), and all 3 cell voltages look about right (total voltage / 3), but the total voltage value on the top jumps all over the place constantly, showing a lot of "11", then "22" and "33" to the left of the decimal point. I don't see a sensor value for total voltage, so I assume its adding up the cell voltages, which are not sporadic like the total is, so not sure why the total voltage would be so jumpy.

As for the x/y/z values, the docs say the range is -8g to +8g. Without digging in, I didn't understand the values you were passing in. It looked like you were taking the raw radians for yaw/pitch/roll multiplied by 100. Since the range is so small, what about just passing in the raw radians value (-pi to +pi)? Or did I misunderstand what mavlink calls yaw/pitch/roll?

Great stuff! We are going to make this a rock solid telemetry feed! :)

lat and lon were divided by 10^5, were previously divided by 10^7.
For the voltage sensor, I'm working on it.
I have not changed the variables x/y/z and they report pitch/roll/yaw in radians.

Can you try this code?


This is the hex file.



Well on a previous post fix was not established so I deleted the post but with the latest both coordinates give wrong values also some strange value  are recorded on the alt and speed


Here an other pic 5 min latter


I've solved the GPS data, I think.
I wonder if data of voltage sensor must be sent without the "0x5E" separator.
On my FLD-02 altitude is displayed correctly, I use a sonar. Does someone else have problems with the altitude?


I can't understand how the voltage sensor works ... I would like parse the output.
Can someone capture the output of the voltage sensor in order to speed up the work?

Thank you to be so responsive big difference with Jani who is selling this product

The altitude looks ok where I leave about 486 meter but the coordinate for longitude is still corrupted regarding the voltage I get mine thru the Frsky sensor so I cannot tell

An other pic smaller


Can you test this code? I think the problem is the negative value of the longitude.

here is very late and I have not been able to test it myself.
Good night


Whoa you are going to make a lot of people happy and should post a link of this page to

Anyway this almost working just the decimal point misplaced no big deal I borrow a FLD 02 so we can see the difference not sure if altitude is working it was with your first version and also on the official from jdrones because with those on an other scree it was showing the MSL altitude and I had to reset menu to put it at ground level altitude I do not have to do this with the latest one but the altitude is moving fine working the same way as How high sensor Some spike are recorded in alt and speed but I do not its a problem

anyway just small fix you are definitely on the good way


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