This is a list of tested hardware for the BBBMINI. If you have other hardware in use, please let me know, so I can update the list.

RC Receiver

  • FlySky FS-R9B with PPM-Encoder,
  • Frsky X8R, via S.BUS, 5V VCC, R4 = 0 Ohm, R5 = not used (open), latest X8R firmware required
  • Frsky X4RSB, via S.BUS, 5V VCC, R4 = 0 Ohm, R5 = not used (open), latest X4RSB firmware required
  • Frsky D4R-II, via CPPM, 5V VCC, R4 = 0 Ohm, R5 = not used (open)
  • OrangeRX R615X, via CPPM, 5V VCC, R4 = 0 Ohm, R5 = not used (open)
  • OrangeRX R620, via S.BUS, 5V VCC, R4 = 0 Ohm, R5 = not used (open)
  • Spektrum AR7700 PPM, 5V VCC, R4 = 0 Ohm, R5 = not used (open)
  • Spektrum Satellit SPM 9645, 3.3V VCC, R4 = 0 Ohm, R5 = not used (open), has to be bind before use
  • Turnigy 9x 8C V2, 5V VCC with PPM-Encoder (Arduino nano), R4 = 1k Ohm, R5 = 2k Ohm


  • Drotek Ublox NEO-M8N GPS module, 3.3V VCC, (-B /dev/ttyO5)
  • Hobbyking Ublox NEO-7 GPS module, 5V VCC, (-B /dev/ttyO5)
  • MAX-7Q Ublox Neo-7Q GPS module, 5V VCC, (-B /dev/ttyO5)
  • BeStar BN-800, Ublox M8N GPS Module (clone I think but reports as M8N), 5V VCC (-B /dev/ttyO5)
  • BeStar BN-880, Ublox M8N GPS Module (clone I think but reports as M8N), 5V VCC (-B /dev/ttyO5)
  • Neo 6M GPS module, 3.3 V VCC (-B /dev/ttyO5)


  • 3DR USB-Radio connected to BBB USB port, (-C /dev/ttyUSB0)
  • 3DR UART-Radio connected to UART4, 5V VCC, (-C /dev/ttyO4)
  • Crius Bluetooth Module connected to UART4, 5V VCC, (-C /dev/rttyO4), baudrate must be set to 57600 (AT+BAUD7)

Laser altimeter

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Hello Vinicius,

can you provide an logfile (/var/APM/logs)? You can try to compile and run ardupilot/libraries/AP_HAL/examples/RCInput (make bbbmini and execute sudo ./RCInput.elf) for debugging. I had similar problems with an old firmware at FrSky receivers.



Hi Mirko,

I will do this tests today.

This are the log file. What receiver are you using rigth now ?



I am using FrSky X8R, FrSky X4RSB and Spektrum Satellit SPM 9645.


Hi All,

I just checked out the Spektrum AR7700 PPM encoded output receiver with the BBBMINI and it works great.

Just have to use RCMAP to correct the PITCH, ROLL, and THROTTLE inputs.



Hello Vinicius,

Did you experienced any intermittent NO GPS problem with the Neo 6M ?

I am trying to get a solid status from this unit within Mission Planner but it is loosing signal a lot of time.

It seem to be pretty solid with the u-center program though.  I am experiencing with different location on the quad, and I would appreciate your feed back. Please note that I cannot get full constellation, I am working by the window, it is -30 Celsius tonight in Quebec... :-)

Hi Patrick, how are you ?

my gps is working pretty well, no issues - except initial 3d fix - around 3-5 mins.

Are you using 3.3 v, or 5v? using some voltage adjuster ?

What kind of cabled and connectors are you using ?



I tried both voltages with same result, and I am using FF jumpers.

As I just wrote, my Ublox Neo-M8N just works fine with the same setup.

I might investigate, but chances are that I will stick with the M8N, which is technically more appealing anyway.

Thanks for the reply and keep on flying with the BBB :-)

Hi Thomas,

do you use 5V VCC (receiver) R4 = 0 Ohm and R5 = open?




I am running the receiver on +5vdc and the resistors on the bottom of the board are: 1K, 10, 10, 1K.



Hi Mirko,

Has support for the COMPASS with I2C been considered.  I believe that is required for proper operation.



Hi David,

compass should work over I2C if the module is supported in the software.

Usually the HMC5983 is used these days in GPS/Compass Modules and it should work.



Hi Davis,

you can connect an external compass to P15, should run without any configuration.





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