This is a list of tested hardware for the BBBMINI. If you have other hardware in use, please let me know, so I can update the list.

RC Receiver

  • FlySky FS-R9B with PPM-Encoder,
  • Frsky X8R, via S.BUS, 5V VCC, R4 = 0 Ohm, R5 = not used (open), latest X8R firmware required
  • Frsky X4RSB, via S.BUS, 5V VCC, R4 = 0 Ohm, R5 = not used (open), latest X4RSB firmware required
  • Frsky D4R-II, via CPPM, 5V VCC, R4 = 0 Ohm, R5 = not used (open)
  • OrangeRX R615X, via CPPM, 5V VCC, R4 = 0 Ohm, R5 = not used (open)
  • OrangeRX R620, via S.BUS, 5V VCC, R4 = 0 Ohm, R5 = not used (open)
  • Spektrum AR7700 PPM, 5V VCC, R4 = 0 Ohm, R5 = not used (open)
  • Spektrum Satellit SPM 9645, 3.3V VCC, R4 = 0 Ohm, R5 = not used (open), has to be bind before use
  • Turnigy 9x 8C V2, 5V VCC with PPM-Encoder (Arduino nano), R4 = 1k Ohm, R5 = 2k Ohm


  • Drotek Ublox NEO-M8N GPS module, 3.3V VCC, (-B /dev/ttyO5)
  • Hobbyking Ublox NEO-7 GPS module, 5V VCC, (-B /dev/ttyO5)
  • MAX-7Q Ublox Neo-7Q GPS module, 5V VCC, (-B /dev/ttyO5)
  • BeStar BN-800, Ublox M8N GPS Module (clone I think but reports as M8N), 5V VCC (-B /dev/ttyO5)
  • BeStar BN-880, Ublox M8N GPS Module (clone I think but reports as M8N), 5V VCC (-B /dev/ttyO5)
  • Neo 6M GPS module, 3.3 V VCC (-B /dev/ttyO5)


  • 3DR USB-Radio connected to BBB USB port, (-C /dev/ttyUSB0)
  • 3DR UART-Radio connected to UART4, 5V VCC, (-C /dev/ttyO4)
  • Crius Bluetooth Module connected to UART4, 5V VCC, (-C /dev/rttyO4), baudrate must be set to 57600 (AT+BAUD7)

Laser altimeter

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I can confirm it works fine with an EBAY M8n 3.3v with HMC5883L.

I have no GPS lock with 3DR GPS LEA6 V1.1, 5.0V nor  3.3V VCC, (-B /dev/ttyO5).

Is there any experience on this GPS ?


I was able to get the 3DR V1.1 LEA-6 GPS/Compass module to work, but it required the use of a Sparkfun level shifter to mate the 5 vdc I/O of the GPS to the BBBMINI GPS 3.3v I/O.



Does Mission Planner tell you "GPS no fix"? On my BB my serial port was /dev/ttyS5 not tty05. You might check it.

Thank you for the inputs. I will dig 3DR-GPS more:-)

It is confirmed that "-B /dev/ttyS5" works with 3DR GPS LEA6H Ver1.1 (3.3V).


Managed to get an ESP8266-07(with external antenna) working on my BBBmini. Just bench tested it for over an hour connected to Mission Planner - and it still works. I used the info at & To get it into boot mode I had EN - high, GPIO-0 low, GPIO-2 high, GPIO-15 low. For normal use - EN - high, GPIO-0 disconnected, GPIO-2 high, GPIO-15 low. 3.3v used. 921,600 baud rate.


Nice job. I understand why a Pixracer user might want this but is there an advantage for BBB users vs a standard wifi mini dongle?

I don't know Mike. I just wanted to see if I could get it to work with the BBBmini and decided to share the information.

In addition to the above I'm going to add 10k resistors to the EN & GPIO-2 connections.

Great i have a pair of these dongles in the mail, keep this stuff coming!

They are just too cheap to resist :)

Yeah Linus

ESP8266  + Arduino NANO + FTDI232 = Dont leave home without it :-)

Here's a picture of my 1.4 mod to get the Battery Voltage & Current readings.

The output of the 3DR-clone power module goes to 2 x  10k pots. output of arm goes to AIN0 (P9-pin39) for voltage and AIN1 (P9-pin 40) for current. I soldered a standard RC connector and fixed it on the board with a small  gage wire wrapped  around connector + crazy glued.

Set the config parameter as:



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