This is a list of tested hardware for the BBBMINI. If you have other hardware in use, please let me know, so I can update the list.

RC Receiver

  • FlySky FS-R9B with PPM-Encoder,
  • Frsky X8R, via S.BUS, 5V VCC, R4 = 0 Ohm, R5 = not used (open), latest X8R firmware required
  • Frsky X4RSB, via S.BUS, 5V VCC, R4 = 0 Ohm, R5 = not used (open), latest X4RSB firmware required
  • Frsky D4R-II, via CPPM, 5V VCC, R4 = 0 Ohm, R5 = not used (open)
  • OrangeRX R615X, via CPPM, 5V VCC, R4 = 0 Ohm, R5 = not used (open)
  • OrangeRX R620, via S.BUS, 5V VCC, R4 = 0 Ohm, R5 = not used (open)
  • Spektrum AR7700 PPM, 5V VCC, R4 = 0 Ohm, R5 = not used (open)
  • Spektrum Satellit SPM 9645, 3.3V VCC, R4 = 0 Ohm, R5 = not used (open), has to be bind before use
  • Turnigy 9x 8C V2, 5V VCC with PPM-Encoder (Arduino nano), R4 = 1k Ohm, R5 = 2k Ohm


  • Drotek Ublox NEO-M8N GPS module, 3.3V VCC, (-B /dev/ttyO5)
  • Hobbyking Ublox NEO-7 GPS module, 5V VCC, (-B /dev/ttyO5)
  • MAX-7Q Ublox Neo-7Q GPS module, 5V VCC, (-B /dev/ttyO5)
  • BeStar BN-800, Ublox M8N GPS Module (clone I think but reports as M8N), 5V VCC (-B /dev/ttyO5)
  • BeStar BN-880, Ublox M8N GPS Module (clone I think but reports as M8N), 5V VCC (-B /dev/ttyO5)
  • Neo 6M GPS module, 3.3 V VCC (-B /dev/ttyO5)


  • 3DR USB-Radio connected to BBB USB port, (-C /dev/ttyUSB0)
  • 3DR UART-Radio connected to UART4, 5V VCC, (-C /dev/ttyO4)
  • Crius Bluetooth Module connected to UART4, 5V VCC, (-C /dev/rttyO4), baudrate must be set to 57600 (AT+BAUD7)

Laser altimeter

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I was trying two compass - one MPU-9250 and was fine and working.

I connect a second compass HMC5883L - with a new gps ublox 8 like yours, but was horrible - Arducopter was with hudge cpu consumption, software was too slow and the problem was this compass. Have you tried with the last release?


To use the second module IMU, it is connected in SPI_0 or SPI_1? this second module does not use GPIO to interrupt. You can add GPIO for buzzer and safety switch?


Hi Mirko, 

I updated a FrSky D8R-II PLUS following this link( and is working fine. With same resistors - 1K and 2K with 5 volts 

from the software discussion:

"yes you are right. checkout the dual_mpu9250_ak8963 branch and connect the second imu like as the first one (but to spi port0 P12)."

Hi Vinicius,

do you have a scope to test the output signal from the D8R-II PLUS? All FrSky that I know have 3.3V output, so you do not need resistors.



Hi Mirko,

I will test without resistors and update.


hello all !!

I have a Fr Sky V8fr-II HV and arduino nano 

I should be how to connect them with bbbmini ?

thanks !! 


Hi Thomson,

you need a S.BUS or PPM receiver, but your FrSky V8FR-II HV has PWM outputs. Please look for a PWM to S.BUS or PPM software (like this for your arduino nano. If the arduino nano is a 5V system, then please use R4 = 1kOhm, R5 = 2kOhm.



Thanks Mirko ! 

I've connected the devices as you suggest but I can't control the flight , then I change the R4 = 1 k by a strand of copper wire, it works fine !


Hi Mirko, 

Please guide me how to fly, because this is the first time I approached with quadcopter

Hi Thomson,

sure, start here: and then read .



Hi Mirko,

How to put debian on auturun mode ?. to be able to launch the bay at any time, instead run the command : 

sudo /home/debian/arducopter -C udp: -B /dev/ttyO5 

I can follow instructions below?

Regards !


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