I just purchased a MPXV7002DP airspeed sensor, and it's not being detected. Is there a way to determine if the sensor is any good? 


My setup:

APM 1.0 running 2.12

uBlox GPS


XBee PRO 900

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You can test it with a 5 volt source and an analog voltmeter.   You should see the voltage moving if you blow on the pitot tube.

This link may help check in the APM code your readings.


APM Speed sensor issues

So it turns out that the value that's getting read off is too low. Depending on what kind of BEC I use, I can get values ranging from 2940 on higher. I just have to lower the 3000 value that's being used now to determine if it's connected.
A little while back I posted some detailed instructions to test the air speed sensors using a meter as Doug had said above, I listed the expected results on the unit and the pins to be tested, it might help to take a look:


I hope that information helps you :)



Actually, I saw this before you replied. Thanks. I verified it's not the hardware as the voltages returned are within what you provided.

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