Recently, I have noticed that police in many countries are using drones to conduct aerial duty, taking photos of illegal vehicles and, of course, installing loudspeakers to notify illegal drivers remotely. Of course, there is one technology that has to be mentioned, and that is the tethered device, which is the source of power for this air enforcer. Cirrutitan is the most cost-effective tear-down device as it supports MMC's most widely used UAVs.
The systems not only are powered over the tether, but contain an internal battery to ensure the UAV can land in the case of any power disruption.
Data is transmitted over the tether.  No RF signals means your video and data is safe from being jammed or stolen, making Hoverfly a secure, made-in-the-USA system ideal for sensitive operations.

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Although this technology could provide significant improvements in nearly every industry, just as with any new technology, there are downsides and disadvantages. For example, even though tethered drones could improve operational reach in the U.S. military, it lacks in maneuverability as the length of the tether is limited when compared to a traditional drone not tethered to a ground source. Another downside or disadvantage is that (although highly mobile) an enemy could capture the drone by simply capturing its ground source. This could be a significant issue depending on what type of data is stored in the drone.

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high risk, no future technology, should be banned in the cities.

Yeah there are downsides, but a major advantage is that it can stay in the air practically as long as you like

Anyone here have time to set up a Gryphon Octo as a reconnaissance platform to retrieve any of  several  Parrot disco 4G  (if one fails to make it back)  in a   24/7   5 - 10kilometer  perimeter surveillance automation.  Gryphon available.

Erle Brain 2 looks interesting , for  fixed wing Auto-pilot .. what  price would 5  alternate winged craft  with 20 km range weigh in at?    Zero Tier  functionality , as in the below link, presumably transfers to this Linux system ?   Anyone available ?

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