Hey guys ive been doing alot of reading about ardupilot and the pixhawk the past couple weeks and have alot of questions. Most i am answering through searches but, i wanted to ask this one in the forums.

What all can you do with a companion like a raspberry pi and pixhawk? Whats the point? Anything and everything you guys can think of would be great. I have a couple raspberry pi 3's sitting at home doing nothing and am wondering if its worth diving into.

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The most common is image processing, for aiding navigation or finding objects, or both.
Randy's balloon finder is a good example.
And what about uncommon uses?
Tracking wildlife tags, emission mapping, rf mapping

So basically sky is the limit. The main use is processing power.... So i could put some nice high res cameras on it. A really good face recognition software and use it to search for people in public. Use the companion to hand incoming data from cameras and process it through software. and when it finds the person I am looking for instruct the quad to self destruct on there face!!   

I am so kidding btw but it could be done.

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