Hi All

After adding my FPV equipment my quad’s weight is 1.2kg (Still want to add my GoPro 2). How much can the standard Ardcucopter take ?

My setup:

ArduCopter Quad v1.0

Motor AC2830-358 850kv

2800 battery



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My quad weighs 1400grams with 4s3300 so adding your 200gram gopro should not be an issue.

My quad:

Hexa, 30cm arms with 1x1cm + 3200mAh 35C  = 1,1kg + 300g (Lipo)  = 1,4kg

The copter has lift off at about 45% throttle and has got endless power.

In my opinion 1 more kg wouldn't be too heavy for my hexa

I thought my quad would be too heavy at 1.4Kg until I saw it leap off the ground the first time at less than 40% throttle.  I'm @ 2480m above sea level and using 2830 20a 750Kv motors turning 10-6 three blade props powered by a 4s 5ah LiPO.  I should be seeing about 1kg of thrust per prop- nearly 4kg total.  That works out to almost 2G's of vertical acceleration.  I'd love to see what this thing could do @ sea level... 

It all depends on the prop size you're using, and the voltage of the battery.

But, with a typical 850kv running 3s batteries, and 10" props, you're generating 800-900 grams of thrust per motor.  That'll be nearly three times your 1.2kg weight, at the top end.  No wonder it took off like a rocket.  Also, if you use 11" props, you're going to getting over 1.kg per motor.

Mine weighs 1800g.  It is a custom build with 2836-9 880 Kv using 11 X 4.7 props.

It flies well. If you ever owned a boat the propeller pitch and diameter works similar.

Propellers are like selecting transmission gears around what the engine can deliver over the RPM range and torque.

The Horsepower (work) will curve across the rpm's. What is important is to not have a propeller stall if the weight is too much.

omg i think mine needs to go a diet then , mines weighs over 2 kg auw, still getting 14 minute flights

me? hyperion 4s 5000mha 25c

Hi Guys,

I know this post is a year old, please bare with me ;)

My quad configuration:

- 850kV motors, 20Amp ESC, 10"x 47 props

- Weighs 1.4 kgs including some extra functionalities.

- Battery: 5000mAh, 11.1V, 25C

It hovers at a throttle range of 560 (throttle hover range ratio 300 - 700 ) [as per Mission Planner Advanced settings], sustains a flight time of ~12 min or more just hovering.

I need to add around 300 grams more. Do you guys think I can still sustain with the same configuration or any modificaiton might be needed? I want to stick to quad only. What is the maximum payload it can still sustain?

If so, please let me know what to choose, esp for Motor/ESC and props compatibility configuration?


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