Hi. Just a quick question. I am designing a glider which will detect thermals (via vario) and loiter untill a certain height is reached, move on and do the same. 

My question main question is, how can I power my 4 channel reciever and still retain all 4 channels? Ie have 3 servos, throttle and power from an external reciever battery.

any ideas would be very handy, cheers!

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This is taken care of by the ESC usually, (throttle channel backfeeds 5V to the controlling receiver). But if your ESC doesn't have a BEC, (or despite your throttle reference, you don't have an ESC) you could just use a servo Y-Cable to feed power into the system.  As long as you get your pinouts correct, putting ground and 5 or 6V in on the appropriate wires in the servo cable will work without sacrificing the channel.  

Thanks Jay, The throttle controls the flaps and camber/reflex on this autonomous DLG and the apm will be powered by the rx battery as well. So I will try the Splitter cable you suggest to power rx and apm directly from the NIMH battery,

Many thanks Chris

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