Okay, so I'm trying to place my XY thermopile on a delta wing but have issues because of the vertical stabilizers. I don't get a clear view about 15-20 degrees off center of the two rear sensors towards the middle of the plane. Is this going to be a big deal?

If it is, I was considering putting winglets out on the tips of the plane and putting the sensor about halfway between the center of the plane and then tip to avoid what I can of the winglet. Again, at the center of the plane up front, the winglets would still be in the way of the sensor.

And one more question. If the XY sensor is place directly on the wing, will that be an issue at all for it? I ask because I know when I had it on an EasyStar, it will on the canopy where it had a pretty clear view of everything whereas on a wing, it'll have a pretty good view but it won't up off the wing much at all.

Yes, I know this is older technology but it's my way of playing around with an autopilot until I can afford an APM. I'll make due until then!

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Ignore that. Just use the elevon settings.

Okay, so I went through and made sure MIXING_MODE was set to 1 and then did 32 tests to see what was the proper setting and what could be the problem. I took REVERSE_ROLL, REVERSE_PITCH, REVERSE_ELEVONS, REVERSE_CH1_ELEVON, and REVERSE_CH2_ELEVON and set them through all the possible combinations of 1 and -1. The results are in the file I attached.

It seems that REVERSE_ROLL and REVERSE_PITCH have no effect. Is this a bug or am I missing something?


Yes, if you are in Elevon mode (mixing = 1) ROLL and PITCH are not used, as the manual says. As I mentioned before,  you should only be using these:


#define REVERSE_ELEVONS 1 // Use 1 for regular, -1 if you need to reverse roll direction
#define REVERSE_CH1_ELEVON -1 // To reverse channel 1 elevon servo, PUT -1 to reverse it
#define REVERSE_CH2_ELEVON 1 // To reverse channel 2 elevon servo, PUT -1 to reverse it


I tried every combination and none of them worked. I made sure to do each one and test and document what it did and none of them were the proper setting. Where do I go from here?

Not sure. It's been too long since I used thermopiles. Maybe try reversing the Z sensor? 



Okay, I found a work around to get it working. If I set the XY sensor orientation to 3, it would work fine, even though the sensor orientation was really a 0. I even tried flipping the Z sensor but that didn't work so I just left the software change and it worked out. Now I need to wait for a calm day to try it out and see how it works and determine if I need to move the vertical stabs but I'll deal with that issue later, if necessary.

Thanks again for all the help. I'll be getting away from thermopiles when I get an APM so hopefully I won't have many more questions with this part. I appreciate all the help.

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