Hi guys after some considerable time in dev. the production molds are now up and running here are some construction shots of what is coming. This is a flying camera mount. You steer the camera and the model follows. It will have a modified APM-2 to stabilise the camera plus another to control the model. Shown here with a DJI but AMP will be integrated into the final design.

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This looks very promising. Keep me posted on your development activitie.

Nice.  Is that frame 3D printed on Shapeways?  Looks like SWF material they have there.  I'm also building a 3D printed frame, that I'm calling Firefly Mark One.

I also noticed your motors are facing down.  Do you need to worry about broken props from hard landing could fly into the camera?  Maybe a little bit of camera armour, might help.

Guys the frame is carbon fiber autoclaved with end grain balsa inlays, kevlar and foam. Molds were hand made.

The motors are aerodynamically more efficient that way up. More follows soon, as some changes are happening to the final design. The structural integrity of the motor arms are crucial to the very high degree of stabilisation that it has. Minimal prop overhang and torsional rigidity are key factors. Motor response is improved by the lightweight carbon props.

The final design will have AMP-2 with enhanced camera stabilisation features plus three modes of flight.

Film-1 Film-2 and Film-3. This is a flying camera! The props. shown in this shot are not the actual ones that are being used. 

Denny this project is awesome! We've been dreaming of a UAV that could follow us when we are backcountry skiing but none of us had the technical skills to implement it.

Have you though about approaching the ski film industry (like http://www.tetongravity.com/)? 

These days all major ski films are shot from helicopters and heli time is crazy expensive. Imagine if every athlete could have a flying camera that follwed them down from a close distance on a semi-fixed path, the camera operator could just focus on filming. The footage would be awesome, like POV but with a bit more perspective.

I can imagine a lot of other applications for you system but the ski film industry spends thousand of dollars every day trying to get shots like this so they'd have an immediate financial interest in supporting the platform you are building. 

Any idea what the cost will be and when the initial units will be available?


Making extreme sports films has been part of my life over the last thirty years but I now live in Cyprus so the same opportunities do not exist. So I made this design with the idea that I could fly anywhere in the world and work. Full size helis and cineflex hire has just got out of hand. The danger aspect of low level aerial filming is also a factor that I considered. I know of at least 20 people who have died doing aerial work so I wanted to give something back to the aerial filming industry before I retire. 

Not sure about costs yet but a similar price to what is being paid for these ridiculous heavy lift oktos etc. that do nothing accept put everyone at risk. Safety is no accident.

Love those Tetongravity Vids.

Your design looks most promising & I really like the protected props.

Can you provide more details on AUW with a 5D2? What motors, props, ESC, & batteries are you using to lift that much weight with a Quad? What is the flight time?

My 5D2 with battery and CF card without a lens is 973 gm. With an old Nikon 28mm f2.8 prime and Canon adapter, the total camera weight is 1265 gm.

I am one who is building an Octo Heavy Lift to fly this rig and, if White Knight can lift the weight and be stable, it would be a definite improvement.

Hi Rod

AUW with Canon550D and telemetry is 3.3 kilos It has special carbon pops that are 11x4 5800 Ma battery and about 15 mins flight time.

Wow, 15 minutes is pretty good with that much weight.

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