In mission planner it tells me that my throttle hover is 649 or 64.9%. So am I right in assuming I need to set my mid throttle at the same 649?

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Clifton nailed it.  You don't need a radio to download the data logs, in fact it only works using the USB cable connection to mavlink.  Follow the directions in the link above and you should be able to download the log no problem.  Then attach it here so we all can have a look.


What they said...^^^^^ Clifton and Doug!!!

So I did just what it says to do. Plugged quad into mission planner via micro usb, connected on that com port, in flight data tab clicked data flash logs. Then clicked download dataflash log via mavlink, that's when I get this.... ERROR. Error receiving log list. With no error number nothing.
I'm definitely not hell bent on using terminal, just neither works.

Here is what the screen should look like (see attachment).    Pop out your flash card and put it in your  computer to make sure that it is functioning OK.  Myself, and others on this forum, have had problems with bad flash cards.  If it is not reading properly, then try reformatting it, or better yet put in a new one. 

The first time you arm your copter after a power up, it should create a data flash log file, unless you have data logging turned off entirely. 


There is no flashcard on a apm 2.8. Just pixhawk I believe.

You are right - there does not appear to be a data flash card port on APM2.8.  You may have a bad board....  I don't know how to reset or reformat the onboard flash memory.  If you can, it will probably be through the mission planner interface.



Jason Greening said:

So I did just what it says to do. Plugged quad into mission planner via micro usb, connected on that com port, in flight data tab clicked data flash logs. Then clicked download dataflash log via mavlink, that's when I get this.... ERROR. Error receiving log list. With no error number nothing.
How many logs does MP show?  Having 100 or more causes problems:

Does Mission Planner give you the option of clearing your data log files?  If so, try that.  If there is no SD card to pop out, I'm not sure how do erase it.  There must be a way though.   I found some other posts that claim you can clear the flash memory through the Terminal window.

Unfortunately, they also suggest that you might just have a defective chip.


Well I wasn't wrong about the weight. I threw a 3s 2200mah 30c on there and I'm just under mid stick at hover. I think if I can get a gimble and camera under 200 grams I'll still be at a reasonable stick position for autonomous flight. The 5000mah is about 430g and the 2200 is about 160g. So ill see what I can find I guess. I do believe if I was running 4s and a little beefier motor choice, I'd be good to go as per worrying about weight.


Do you have your telemetry running?  If so, you can monitor a host of parameters in real time on Mission Planner.  You right-click on the heads up display and select "User Items."  Check the parameters you want to view and they will be displayed on the HUD in real time.  Select "current" and "watts" for example to monitor current and power.  You can also select the channel 3 parameters to see what your throttle channel is doing. 

Take her out for a hover and report back on the current if you can.


Yes Sir indeed, sounds like you'r heavier than you thought you were...:((( Get a Good scale... I don't know how you can build these without it unless your just putting together kits with pre-selected components or something!!  Figure your take off weight, max fit-able prop length wise, and prolly the lowest cut a 1033 or less if they make that..If you can fit an 11 great but that will prolly push the motors to far even with the 3s you already have setup....  Maybe you could throw a 4s on there if you still aint got enough thrust and limit current to not burn them up but you prolly will burn up those motors with a 4s..... If you want to run different motors that can handle a 4 look at the ones I suggested on ebay.. Here is a spreadsheet  or two with them setup on a 2kg quad model with 20 mins or so of flight time and a 3.4 ish twr dependent on which way you run it.....  Pushes the motors to 169% heat capacity at their max thrust configuration as stated by the manufacturer (300watts I think is max constant suggested).. So that's pushing them for sure but only at WOT for "normal" operation they should cool sufficiently, but I would keep a heat gun near to check on em..If they run a little hot limit their current (APM doesn't support this I don't think). Also to be honest a pixhawk 2.4.8 with a 2mb cache can be purchased for 55 bucks or so....32 bit is worth the upgrade so are the extra parameters and control they offer, just saying...  Anywho,  so if your models weight is less than or equal to this models then maybe you can start to see how to do this with the spreadsheets and or ecalc. IE not having to waste time and money building and testing only to rebuild and test again looking for thrust.... You cant guess the components on these things (well maybe some can but I can't) without issues like your having...  It is better to have an Idea first of max takeoff weight that you will consider then look at max prop size that could be run on the frame chosen.  Then select your motor and battery series accordingly..All the while considering whatever flight time you picked as the primary objective.  It would seem like you have approached it backwards IMHO...  Not to offend!!! I mean hey, that's what we are all here for to learn and further our projects so I mean absolutely no negative inference from my criticisms,  but for future builds you might want to consider the different approach I have suggested with some time spent in the spreadsheet or on ecalc or both preferably for the best projection of what to expect. It will save time beating your head on the wall wondering why she wont lift herself until 65% TP....

 For this girl its simple at this point loose weight or gain thrust. :)))  





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