I have switched today to the new 2.0.56 code (was running RC1 before, I know, old code... :D)

I now have a problem, my throttle signal (from reciever) is normal until 1500, when i push the stick a little mor up, it reads about 1800, no way to get values in between there.

so the copter behaves like these values show: i can't get it to hover, it's going down, or up pretty fast.

recalibrated several times...

It worked on RC1, have not tried other versions in between.

my hardware:

APM 1.0

Orange RX 6Ch reciever, 2.4ghz DSM2

any suggestions?

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Do you have any mixes setup on your transmitter for that channel? I am not familiar with your radio TX, but maybe you have the channel assigned incorrectly. When you calibrate in the Mission Planner, do you see the throttle smoothly climb and fall as you move the stick?

I have no mixers set up, all channels are assigned correctly.

it does climb smoothly until ~1600, then jumps to ~1900 (just checked it again), same behaviour when I lower the throttle...

Weird. Can you go in and set your throttle curve and verify it's a straight line? I'm sure you've checked, but just to be sure. Maybe clear that model's memory or try a new model in the radio? BTW, what radio is it?

the thing is... my TX does not have ANY settings for travvel adjust, throttle curves, or even channel reversing. it's a MLP4DSM.

Wich ppm encoder version do you have ?

Switching to ArduPPM could solve your problem.

I'm using the default version (it's the first APM which came out, so I think it is the first version...)

I will try :)

Ok thank you all, I solved it.

seems like my transmitter jumps to maximum throttle when trim is not centered.

solution -> trimmed it up a bit, and now it's working fine :)

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