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Product Item Number Qty Price
4400mAh 3S 11.1V G8 Pro Lite+ 25C LiPo THP44003SPP25 1 $89.99
Product Item Number Qty Price
XT-60 Type Connector Set 3.5mm INTC23352 1 $3.99
Product Item Number Qty Price
3S Balance Adapter TP to JST XH THPAL3S 1 $2.99
Product Item Number Qty Price
Lipo Voltage Checker and Balancer HRC44173 1 $19.99


62 degrees Fahrenheit

Light breeze

ResultsThe Iris flew for just over 16 minutes before getting down to 10.53 volts.  I landed and disarmed before the battery alarm went off.  Current draw was under 14 amps average for the entire flight.  I slowly flew it around a 15 meter radius at an altitude of 1-2 meters.

The Thunder Power battery weighs in at 320 grams whereas the stock battery (3500mAh) weights 259 grams.  So for the additional 61 grams you get 900mAh.  The battery fits perfect inside the Iris shell, but if I had to do it over again, I would have made the power connections shorter before soldering the XT60 connector.  The SkyRC charger that 3DR supplied works fine for the Thunder Power battery, but I bought a standalone balancer just for peace of mind.

Overall I'm pretty happy with the battery, but I'd love to see a full writeup on the Zippy 5000mAh.

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I dont have 8xm3x10mm SS threaded spacers in stock  so headed

for my local metric supplier monday  as I only have threaded m3 extensions in nylon and I will need to use either nylon or SS m3x10 threaded spacers internally to reattach the top hull as it should be as well.

Those interested can follow the progress on twitter @hotelzululima

I believe that expanding the battery compartment by 10mm at the top via threaded spacers will represent the optimal way for battery choice expansion  and is dirt cheap to boot only additional expense will be ordering of longer Hirose DF-13 cables if need be.

The expanded compartment can be combined with sculpting the foam bumper at the front of the compartment to accommodate longer and thicker 3S and 4S batteries and 3S aux batteries/ubecs for the gimbal if going to 4S.

I dont see any structural issues in this method of  battery compartment expansion as long as SS threaded spacers are used and threadlocked and check for tightness(YOU DO periodically tear down your craft and check every bolt for tigthness dont you??


3 hover tests on the Zippy 5000mah. Best was 15.2 minutes. It's pretty heavy. Current draw is 15 - 17 amps for hover. Zero payload except for a little gorilla tape and some super glue:)

When I recharge the battery it takes about 5300mah so it's slightly under rated. I get 13.3 min with the Thunderpro G6 3850mah. I think that with the ZIPPY 5000 it's a situation where there is less energy per weight than the better batteries.

Best zero payload time I have seen claimed is yours and the 17 minutes from a Turnigy A-Spec 4400mah at 17 minutes.


Thanks Mark.  It's interesting how the different brands have different energy densities.  It seems like the Zippy would make a good rover battery, but it's too heavy for aerial use.

The Turnigy and Thunderpower 4400 seem like the best choices for now.


I agree on Turnigy and TP being the best so far without going to 4S. The 4S batteries that fit aren't doing as good but I've only see one fight time posted for that.

The Turnigy is much cheaper though.


If you look at this in mah per gram:

Zippy 5000mah 20C (which is what I have) weighs 406 grams equating to 12.3 mah per gram.

The Nano-Tech A-Spec 4500mah 65C weighs 278 grams equating to 16.2 mah per gram(right at 33% higher density). Seems like the ideal battery.

It' 5mm longer than the Zippy but I was able to get the Zippy in the batt compartment without cutting any foam. I think this battery could fit but I noticed on the HK web site that it has the ultra short leads. They may not be long enough to solder and heat shrink the XT-60 connectors. The leads would have to be lengthened maybe so the cable could plug into the Iris's XT60

I fly with the Nano-Tech A-Spec 4500mah 65C. The short lead is actually a benefit: I put on an adapter to XT-60 and because the original lead was so short, you don't end you with tons of leads in the battery compartment. 

I also have a few regular Turnigy 3600 mAh, that I fly with adapter cables. They already have very long leads and I need to tie them up with a rubber band. 

Only warning about the Nano-Tech A-Spec 4500mah 65C: They have a discharge curve similar to the original 3DR, which goes down pretty steep after 10.5V. I therefore won't go below 10.7V.

Christian, Thanx for the info.

I could make my own adapter cable.

What are your zero payload flight times with that battery? Should be better than other batteries we are trying.Did you cut any foam out to get the door closed?

I'm looking for an alternative vendor to HK since I don't use PayPal or AsiaPay. My local hobby shop will also order it.

Thanx again, MP

What is the largest size battery that will fit in the Iris?  I was told 25mm max on the height,  mine is in for repair so I don't have it to measure.  Would a 27.5mm high work?  

I didn't have to cut out any foam and even with the short (1 cm) adapter cable it fits in very nicely. There is even a lot of space towards the top. Also the pack is very light. 

I usually don't fly my LiPo all the way down, but did some test with all my packs. Here are the results:

Keep in mind that this was the second flight for the Nano-Tech pack. I expect times to get better. 

Also I did have a GoPro and waterproof case mounted on the front, but no long legs or Gimbal. 

With that setup the stock 3DR batteries gave me 9-10 minutes to Bat. FS and the Nano-Tech gave me 14-14.5 minutes to Bat. FS. 

From my research the Nano-Tech gives you the most energy (U*I) at a reasonable weight. Just the price is a bit high. 
While there are some 5000 mAh 3S packs that would fit from Turnigy and Zippy, their weight is much higher. 

Next I'll try some 4S packs, which have 3000 mAh. Their energy should be somewhere between the stock 3DR pack and the Nano-Tech because of their higher voltage. 

26 is the max I would go. The turnigy 5000 is 26 and is snug fit, I don't think 27 would fit.

darn,  I have a company that can put together a very high end battery 4s at great prices, but he said it was 27.5mm high  all the other dimensions will work.    I had a 4300 3s in mine but cant remember how tight it was.

what was the cost for the 4400mAh battery with and without shipping.  I am looking at a battery that is 4300mAh and the first test took my Iris with Gimbal, Extended Legs, and 600mw FPV from the 5 1/2 minute flight with stock battery to 10 minutes which I thought was great.  I don't know the price yet as it was sent for me to test.  it fit without any modification's  but playing around with the length of the power cable might help,  still it did close without any problems



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