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Product Item Number Qty Price
4400mAh 3S 11.1V G8 Pro Lite+ 25C LiPo THP44003SPP25 1 $89.99
Product Item Number Qty Price
XT-60 Type Connector Set 3.5mm INTC23352 1 $3.99
Product Item Number Qty Price
3S Balance Adapter TP to JST XH THPAL3S 1 $2.99
Product Item Number Qty Price
Lipo Voltage Checker and Balancer HRC44173 1 $19.99


62 degrees Fahrenheit

Light breeze

ResultsThe Iris flew for just over 16 minutes before getting down to 10.53 volts.  I landed and disarmed before the battery alarm went off.  Current draw was under 14 amps average for the entire flight.  I slowly flew it around a 15 meter radius at an altitude of 1-2 meters.

The Thunder Power battery weighs in at 320 grams whereas the stock battery (3500mAh) weights 259 grams.  So for the additional 61 grams you get 900mAh.  The battery fits perfect inside the Iris shell, but if I had to do it over again, I would have made the power connections shorter before soldering the XT60 connector.  The SkyRC charger that 3DR supplied works fine for the Thunder Power battery, but I bought a standalone balancer just for peace of mind.

Overall I'm pretty happy with the battery, but I'd love to see a full writeup on the Zippy 5000mAh.

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Nice Job. I figured that battery would put out some extra minutes. It may even get better after a few cycles. Im also hoping the nano teck 4500s I got coming will be good also. They are A little cheaper at $57 a piece. They only  weigh about 20grms more than stock. around 274. That zippy flightmax 5000mah would be the best bang for the buck if it does well. it weighs in at 404grms and just fits in the case rubbing up against the LED wires and housing.

I wont be able to report what I find out for a while as im waiting for a new motor that has not been shipped out yet.

Thanks Nitro.

If the Nano teck really gives you 4500mAh for 274 grams (and it fits inside the Iris), that seems like the best choice.  The added weight of the Zippy 5000 might negate the extra mAh it provides (but it is super cheap).

For everyone posting test results, please give actual weight from a scale if possible.  I've heard not all the manufacturers are accurate when publishing specs for their products.

FYI - My test was done with the Iris as it comes out of the box, without any camera or attachments.


Looks like we have some good comparisons going on. I got 13 minutes with the ThunderPro 3850 G6 45C  under almost the same exact conditions. Using a HI Tec X1 MF balance charger.

I am also waiting on a motor but mine still flys. I have had intermittent motor failures. I can always tell when it's going to happen.

repeated GPS signal loss

hi dop

weak telemetry signal 70%

MP says it's getting no data

Then Bam! one motor quits and it drops.

It's very intermittent and know i know not to take off. After this happens I always have to do an ESC cal cuz the motor is spinning slower than the rest. it's happened 3 times.

Not sure if it's the motor but we'll see.


I have 4 of the A-Spec nanotech 4500 batteries and with a gimbal I only get about 10 minutes of flight.  I think the big limitation is the 10" props.  Right now the hover current is about 20-21amps.  That includes carrying a OSD and 5.8ghz video TX.  Going to a 11 or 12" prop would help a lot. 

But the batteries do actually hold 4500 and only weigh 275g.


I think 10 minutes with the gimbal, 3DR long legs. gopro and your video xmitr rig and 10 minutes of flight time is pretty good. My goal right now is to be exactly where you are. As shipped the Iris only has about 0.42" clearance between the blade tips so longer props might be out of the pic. Maybe different style or pitch?

What flight times do you get with no payload or legs?


are these the ones with the short leads? is there enough lead to swap on a xt60 connector?

Straight out of the box with that A-Spec was about 17min to bat failsafe.

Yes it has short leads but you can solder different connectors on it.  I use EC3 connectors.

At 150mm can you still close the battery door?

It seems like the Turnigy 4500 might give you the most flight time.  I'd love to see a volt graph of that battery without camera and gimbal.

It's tight but yes they fit. I don't have the log from the flight with that battery and stock setup (no gimbal etc) but i know it hovered right around 15-16 amps which puts it in the 15min range.  I've already moved on to another project since the Iris became underpowered (hover around 650) with the gimabl, gopro, video tx, osd, etc.  Now building a quad to spin 16" props and fly for about 30min carrying about 4 times the capacity in batteries than the iris.  I'll prob take the gimbal off the iris and just use it for some fun FPV flying with the gopro hard mounted up front.

Are you planning to harvest the electronics from the Iris for the project?  I imagine with a new frame, props, motors, and battery, it would fly for a long time.

No. Leaving the Iris intact just taking the gimbal off. I already had a Pixhawk laying around before I bought an Iris and I finally picked up a frame.  Should be looking at 20+ minutes of flight time.  Funny thing is my hover amp draw wont be any more that the iris all loaded up but with lower Kv motors and bigger props efficiency almost doubles. 



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