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4400mAh 3S 11.1V G8 Pro Lite+ 25C LiPo THP44003SPP25 1 $89.99
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XT-60 Type Connector Set 3.5mm INTC23352 1 $3.99
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3S Balance Adapter TP to JST XH THPAL3S 1 $2.99
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Lipo Voltage Checker and Balancer HRC44173 1 $19.99


62 degrees Fahrenheit

Light breeze

ResultsThe Iris flew for just over 16 minutes before getting down to 10.53 volts.  I landed and disarmed before the battery alarm went off.  Current draw was under 14 amps average for the entire flight.  I slowly flew it around a 15 meter radius at an altitude of 1-2 meters.

The Thunder Power battery weighs in at 320 grams whereas the stock battery (3500mAh) weights 259 grams.  So for the additional 61 grams you get 900mAh.  The battery fits perfect inside the Iris shell, but if I had to do it over again, I would have made the power connections shorter before soldering the XT60 connector.  The SkyRC charger that 3DR supplied works fine for the Thunder Power battery, but I bought a standalone balancer just for peace of mind.

Overall I'm pretty happy with the battery, but I'd love to see a full writeup on the Zippy 5000mAh.

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I'm considering cutting and sanding my own 10.5in props.  Do you think it will help?

IRIS owners should get / try this battery (below), and post the flight duration using this battery.

GENS ACE 5500mah 3S1P 11.1V 25C Lipo battery pack

At 191mm long the Gens ace is not going to fit.  The goal is to see how many mAh we can cram inside the Iris at the lowest weight.

It is worth a shot, especially if you use cheap props to test with.  Every little bit helps.  I forget the effect shaving the tips down has on the calculated pitch... I think it causes the pitch to increase.

OK, then probably this one(below), will definitely will fit

Thunder Power 5400mAh 3-Cell/3S 11.1V G8 Pro Lite+ 25C LiPo

Dimensions (mm): 48 x 34 x 104

Nope 34 mm too thick. Gotta be 25 x 50 x 150 max

So IRIS battery compartment is very limited. Probably you can just strap the 5500 / 5400 mAh battery outside the shell of the IRIS.

I was able to get 17.5 minutes of flight time after 3 charge cycles. (just the Iris without accessories)

Voltage measured by a multimeter after flight was 9.79v.


Give us the time when fully loaded with gimbal, long legs and GoPro.

If someone can tell me the weight of the extra gear or the current draw at loiter for that setup, we can test it.

1688gms with gimbal, gopro hero3, long legs, and battery installed

stock battery

I actually was thinking about modifying the internal frame to include M3x 10mm threaded hex extensions to the bottom screws of all the legs opening up the internal battery compartment by 10mm more from 26mm to 36mm.

The extension should be mounted in between the middle internal plate and the top of the arm to avoid having to extend the motor arm power cabling. Longer Hirose DF-13 cabling may need to be ordered for any cables made too short by this internal frame extension.

There will be a gap in the present body of about 10mm with this technique BUT if it works perhaps vacuum

This would allow usage of much better batteries in the IRIS than the current space allows.


dual sidesaddle battery cages with weaver mounts could be 3D printed and hung from the weaver railing  fore and aft and the use of the internal compartment  devoted to electronics instead.

I would recommend the use of 4S for this much weight IRIS waddles around at this weight on 3S(gimbal and stock battery + gopro 3+black).

Unless someone wants to print up new longer arms at shapeways out of nylon/similar  or similar then the efficiency question will remain the same,..




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