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4400mAh 3S 11.1V G8 Pro Lite+ 25C LiPo THP44003SPP25 1 $89.99
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XT-60 Type Connector Set 3.5mm INTC23352 1 $3.99
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3S Balance Adapter TP to JST XH THPAL3S 1 $2.99
Product Item Number Qty Price
Lipo Voltage Checker and Balancer HRC44173 1 $19.99


62 degrees Fahrenheit

Light breeze

ResultsThe Iris flew for just over 16 minutes before getting down to 10.53 volts.  I landed and disarmed before the battery alarm went off.  Current draw was under 14 amps average for the entire flight.  I slowly flew it around a 15 meter radius at an altitude of 1-2 meters.

The Thunder Power battery weighs in at 320 grams whereas the stock battery (3500mAh) weights 259 grams.  So for the additional 61 grams you get 900mAh.  The battery fits perfect inside the Iris shell, but if I had to do it over again, I would have made the power connections shorter before soldering the XT60 connector.  The SkyRC charger that 3DR supplied works fine for the Thunder Power battery, but I bought a standalone balancer just for peace of mind.

Overall I'm pretty happy with the battery, but I'd love to see a full writeup on the Zippy 5000mAh.

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I flew for about 16 minutes 20 seconds with a Zippy 5000 mah battery tonight.  First time with this battery after recharge using stock 3dr charger.  No camera or gimbal, weather was about 63 degrees, absolutely no wind.  


Can you include a link to where you got this battery to test? Your FPV set up is the best I have seen so far from this post. Have you created a topic for what you bought to complete the FPV set up?

I have the Iris with gimbal and GoPro, but would like the FPV to go through the GoPro and not mount an additional camera. Would appreciate any information you could provide to achieve the same results as you have. 

Thank you


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