Thyea ZT40 infrared thermal imaging and 40x hd zoom dual light camera

Thyea ZT40 dual sensor camera integrates infrared thermal imager and hd zoom camera, which is applicable to most uav models of MMC, and is equipped with new cradle head interface.With the advanced control system, users can use MMC's ground control station to control the cradle head or switch images.

More specifications:

Size: 197 * 155 * 174.2mm

Weight: 1.2 kg

Rotation range of structure: pitch: -130°~50°;Roll: - 75 °?+ 75 °;Head: - 175 ° ~ 175 °

Universal joint control range: pitch: -100°~45°;Head: - 170 ° ~ 170 °

Static control accuracy: about 0.01°

Dynamic control accuracy: about 0.05°

Variable light: yes

Visible light zoom: 40 (20 optical and 2 digital)

Visible image pixels;25 MP

Video resolution: 1920 * 1080

Temperature range: -20℃-150℃

Working mode: photo, video

Memory card: largest.Support 32 gb

Other features: palette, zoom

Thermal imager sensor: uncooled VOx microthermal radiometer

Resolution of thermal imager: 640 * 512

Thermal imager lens: f = 25mm

Operating temperature: -20℃~60℃

Storage temperature: -30℃~70℃


1.High compatibility standard connector

Thyea T2 adopts the standard connector for uav payload, which can be quickly launched and supports automatic locking. The overall installation time is within 30 seconds.This simple operation is comparable to USB.

2. Small size and light weight

Weighing only 1200g, Thyea T2 is the lightest in the industry and can support all kinds of uav platforms.

3. High-precision 3-axis gyroscopic stabilization of Gimbal

Thyea T2 is equipped with high-precision 3-axis gyroscopic stable universal joint, and adopts a new damping structure to effectively isolate high-frequency vibration.The head is equipped with the latest FOC brushless motor, with accurate high frequency response, avoiding any degree of vibration during flight.At the same time, the high processor can accurately control the motor operation, adjust the shooting Angle and stabilize the image. 

4. Double damping

Thyea Z40 adopts a special universal joint shock absorption design, which can isolate vibration and capture stable and smooth real-time images during flight.

5. Tamper-proof industrial CAN design

The Thyea Z40 shooting system designed by industrial CAN is highly tamper-proof.

6. 40x hd optical zoom

Using a 40x hd optical zoom lens, the camera can recognize faces at a distance of 1200m.

7. 4x digital zoom

Thyea T2 supports 4x digital zoom and can be used for accurate analysis after inspection of key areas.

8. Pinch

Thyea Z40 scales quickly and easily with simple on-screen gestures.

9. 4K resolution recording mode

Thyea Z40 supports 4K resolution video recording and is equipped with ultra-hd image sensor.

10. Ultra-high-resolution photos

With the latest CMOS sensor, the maximum pixel of the camera can reach 4992×2808, meeting the requirements of professional hd photos.


11. Images with GPS coordinates

Thyea T2 takes every image with GPS coordinates, which can be easily tracked and processed in the future.

12. Military grade refresh rate of 50Hz

Thyea T2 achieves a military grade refresh rate of 50Hz, consistently providing clear and smooth images.

13. High resolution thermal imaging camera

Thyea T2 USES uncooled vanadium oxide (VOx) microbolometer with a military resolution of 640×480.

14. The temperature accuracy is up to 0.06℃

Thyea T2 can capture the contactless real-time temperature with an accuracy up to 0.06℃.

15. Temperature calibration

Thyea T2 is essentially temperature calibrated and its absolute error can be significantly reduced.

16. Wide temperature measuring range

Thyea T2 can measure a range of temperatures from -20℃ to 150℃, satisfying most detection, search and rescue and law enforcement applications.

17. Spot and surface temperature measurement

After selecting a point in the image, Thyea T2 displays the exact temperature.In addition, it can display the highest and lowest temperatures of selected areas on the touch screen.

18. Maximum temperature tracking and alarm

Thyea T2 automatically detects and tracks the highest temperature in an area.The maximum temperature alarm can be set. Even exceeding Thyea T2, the alarm will be automatically sent and photographed for record.

19. Finger touch interaction and gesture control

Thyea T2, with finger touch and gesture interaction, can use the touch to control the direction of the universal joint and focus on any contact point on the screen.It is a user-friendly design that saves operational time and makes the whole process easier. 

20.12 palettes

Thyea T2 switches among 12 palettes and supports flexible palettes combination according to different detection areas for direct visual display and analysis. 

21. Automatic detection

According to the selected area, Thyea T2 automatically controls the universal joint and progressive check with high efficiency.

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Interested friends can pay attention to it

What is the effect of zoom in thermal imaging?

york said:


I like this one.I have known about your product, which is very practical

Temperature measurement accuracy

I wonder if it can withstand bad weather.Such as strong winds?

Because it's windy where I live, it's important to know.

If MMC drones are used, most of them can be used, such as SKYLLE 1550 and NOTUZI B90, but for other uavs, we can do custom development.There is a small wind and rain camera can work, as the dark can work, the answer is no doubt, because infrared motion is based on heat source, whether day or night does not affect.While our dual-light camera can do most of the work, in some cases the two movements complement each other.At night, however, high-definition images are not very clear, and infrared can be used to capture heat sources, making it very useful for nighttime search and interception.

Young said:

I wonder if it can withstand bad weather.Such as strong winds?

Because it's windy where I live, it's important to know.

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