Hi droners,

I'm having a bit of a doubt tilting the lower motors in the Y6 I'm about to maiden.

let's take for instance the two rear motors 8 and 4, 8 turns CCW, and 4 CW, but it's the prop that turns CW, as the motor is rotated 180º as well as the prop, motor 4 will turn CCW like motor 8, right?

So looking at the motors from behind, what is the correct layout for tilting the bottom motors in a Y6, A or B ??



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Thanks for these,

What material are the black spacers cut from?


THe black parts is PVC stiff, easy to work with and light.

I found out, the Alu I use is 6063-T5. Hope that helps.

:-) yeap, weight matters!

Just noticed the date of this post but popped up as new on my screen??? lol I feel dumb. How did it turn out Danny? All good I hope.:)

Hi Douglas,

the post just relived. I can say that tilting the motors on my Y6 id work, but I broke two props yesterday, and bended all three arms from 30m (second post here: http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/arducopter-2-5-released?commentId... )

I'm already rebuilding it, this time I'l try the motor without the tilting, to see the difference.

thanks for your comments!

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