I just updated to MP 1.2.89 build 1.1.5097,10519

I see that there is a time function on the far left column of the log browse screen now.  Mine doesn't seem to work.   I get "0001-01-00:00:00.000" in all the frames from start to finish.

I've really been waiting for this feature..  Is there something I need to do to get the time working correctly?    FWIW, I'm using an APM2.5 running 3.0.1 firmware in a 3DR Hexacopter.. The GPS is a uBlox LEA-6H

(My apologies if this has been asked elsewhere..  I did search the best I could)

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you need the latest firmware.

Thanks for the quick reply Michael..    I've held off on loading 3.1.   It's been way too cold to fly and be comfortable setting up new firmware (-20C to -35C) for the last couple of weeks.  

MP Revision 1.2.91   AC 3.1 Frimware

Having the time on the data flash log is great.  And, time is displayed on the top of the Value Graph. Even better.

Question:  Seems the time at the top of the graph is displayed as minutes then 10s of seconds.

I.E.  23 means 2 minutes and 30 seconds.   Is that Correct?   

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