TM1000 & APM power module = no flight pack Voltage data to DX8?

Hi all,


I currently have a DX8 + AR8000 + TM1000 tx/rx setup, connected to an APM2.5+. Rx power comes from the APM, and APM power comes from the 3DR power module (with a 3S source).


How do I get the APM to "pass through" the 3S source voltage to the AR8000/TM1000 so I can receive voltage data on the DX8 telemetry screen? I get the rx voltage ok, but it's the flightpack voltage I really want.


I have poor hearing, so audible alarms are not that effective for me, and I like the ability to specify the alarm on the dx8; I find off the shelve alarms are 3.3-3.5v, which is uncomfortably low for me.

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I connect the TM1000 voltage connector to my flight pack directly. I don't think there is any battery pack voltage at the APM.
Aah, cool. exactly?

soldering iron will be needed you need to solder the voltage leads from the TM1000 to the pads on ether the battery connector just before the APM power module or to the power module itself. are a star, and I am officially a muppet.

Just saw this in the TM1000 manual (I've only been reading the DX8 bit!). Took all of 5 a treat. I now have my customised alarm for flight voltage, without having to use on-aircraft buzzer or lights.


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