I'm still very new to flying a Tarot PRO Hexacopter and APM 3.2.1 and its been fine up to now, I have about 4 hours of flying experience with out incident. I added my FPV components and was about 11 minutes into a perfect flight in Loiter mode and low wind and good weather conditions. While hovering my machine at approx 30 meters altitude it suddenly started a shallow Toilet Bowel effect and got progressive more severe, and then also lost complete control. I tried to activate RTL with no effect. I then switched to Stabilize but because I had pulled the throttle to zero for RTL my machine inverted and was heading for the ground at a rapid rate.  After applying full throttle I saved my machine from complete destruction with about half a meter above ground level.

My question is what causes Toilet Bowel effect and what should I do to fix it. Can antbody help please.

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Hi Sandy

I believe my Toilet bowel effect was caused by the Lea-6 compass lead partially coming out of the APM 2.7 socket during the flight. I plugged it back in and re-calibrated the compass. Had 6 fantastic flights today without incident. My machine has almost no vibration, the compass is on a pedestal, with go-pro, FPV system and 2kg of batteries. It was very stable in gust wind conditions.  I am happy.

Cheers Henny

Just flew my Tarot 690S for the second time and had an immediate toilet bowl in stabilize mode, lost control and tried several modes and maneuvers to bring it down until I finally was able to crash it.  I had recalibrate the compasses before the flight because I had repositioned the external pedestal compass.  I have no idea what happened.  I don't see any mechanical problems.  But the toilet bowl was defiantly occurring in stabilize mode.  Any thoughts???


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