I need some advice on where to start twaeking the PID's to get rid of the toilet bowl effect I'm experiencing


Arduflyer 2.5, flies lovely and smooth just how I like it, spider style quadcopter frame 3.01 firmware

In both LOITER and RTH In a mild wind (approx 7mph) the quad starts getting into the toilet bowl and continues to get worse if left, leave it too long and it gets really wild in RTH


Anyone know what PID's to change to start with ?


Thanks in advance

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What else did you change to get that great loitter??

Not too much really, firstly I did do the compassmot but that didn't stop the toilet bowl

Eventually I got the compassmot down to 7%, still with toilet bowl

You can see the details of that in earlier posts in this thread

OK, set up...
Turnigy 2836/9 950kv motors £12.22

Turnigy Plush 25a esc's $13.44

Goodluckbuy Flycat Quad Frame $37.70

Gemfan 9 x 4.7 props $6.04 (4 of each)

Arduflyer 2.5
Mavlink OSD
Current sensor
Sony 800tvl CMOS camera
Boscam 200mw VTX with clover leaf antenna
GoPro Hero 2 HD

I disabled the roll axis on the camera mount as it induces horrible vibrations, I replaced it with a simple 90 deg plate
I also fixed a carbon fibre tube across the top of the mount bracket (between to two front arms) and fitted it with earplugs to further dampen vibrations
A short peice of pool woggle (pool noodle) on each leag to raise it a little bit as the camera mount would hit the deck otherwise

I'm sure my firmware is 3.01 but don't know where to look to confirm that



Oh yes one more thing
It has 6 led's on each side of each arm to aid night flying

Here's the video again for anyone else wants to see it

1. I must agree with the fact that far too many people are blinded and over defensive of 3DR to the point of it being ridiculous

2. Version of softwere you can find if you connect to mission planer Terminal window and make USB(not telemetry) connection

3. if you make your legs from something thinner(carbon fibre,aluminium) surface will be less and you will fly even better in the wind

I have a question:

When I fly with my quad on regions of positive inclination (east), the rotor works great. However when I fly on regions of negative inclinations (west), the rotor starts getting into the toilet bowl.

This problem could be appeared because I had not adjusted the magnetic declination in the new place?

Thank you!




What I should have done in the new place? ajust manual declination or compass live calibration?

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