I damaged the red pushbutton switch on my Pixhawk build today.

I called 3DR to order a new one, and I learned that they don't sell the switch any more, unless you buy a complete Pixhawk kit to get a switch. I gather that when as they sell out the misc. parts for Pixhawk you can't buy them from 3DR anymore, Guys this is very sad they would treat their customers this way.

But all is not lost, I found a company out in Texas, David is the owner of http://www.helibatics.com/ that carries just about all the misc. parts for Pixhawk, even if you need longer cable assemblies .

You can call David at 214-702-6286 and ask for David, he had my switch I needed so I,m back in operation. This guy carries a large assortment of Pixhawk parts, even the Pixhawk kits.  

I just don't understand why 3DR is taking this stance.

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Rc timer also buy in parts, how strange from 3DR don't do it, perhaps they know that China do it and is not convenience for them to sell in parts?.

I am equally as disgusted! I own 3 Pixhawks and frequently need parts. Im always needing buzzers, arming buttons, cables BUT I have also needed GPS units, telemetry radios, and others. Love the fact they always warned us against buying generic parts and other knock offs and now we have no choice!

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