I´m new to the ardupilot system, but I read a lot over the last view days. And with my problem I did the setup 10-15 times, but I can´t find a solution.

I calibrated the radio. ok

Servo movement direction. ok

Servo tim. ok

Then on the heli-stup:

When I click on manual the setup switch into servo direct mode. I set the max and min travel of the swashplate to e.g. 11° positive and 11° negative. This is just about 20% the way in each direction of the throttle/pitch stick of my DX8 (I didnt made any changes on the travel endpoint in the transmitter, every channel is on 100% 100%) Then I move the stick to 0° and press ZERO. Then I press save.

After this the setup switch back into flight mode. So far so good.
But when I now move the stick to its max positive, the swashplate reaches only about 6-7° and this on a stick input of about 60% up. Above there is no movement anymore.

On the negative way everything is ok. The swashplate move all the way down to -11° over the whole way from the stick to its negative max.

So what I´m doing wrong?

I thank you for any help.


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Yes. the heli stays even on the table when I put the relevel button and wait for the complete message. And after this is finished, I click on flight data and can actually see that the roll to the right begins just a view seconds after releveling.

Can it have something to do with the auto-trim funktion on ch7? I setup this and did a flight where I switched to auto-trim for about a second sometimes, when I hold the heli nealry stationary with the right stick, like it is described in the wiki.

When the HUD is moving while the heli is sitting still, are you in auto-trim?

No of course not. I did this auto trim just one time in flight. The heli is standing still on the table all the time, and the HUD rolls right to about 60° and stay there.

Then I have no idea what's going on.  I would contact 3DR for support, you might have a bad board.

Just a thought i had a problem with the HUD moving when i was connected through xbee.. 

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