I've built a Tricopter. The radio is calibrated in Mission Planner, the Esc's are calibrated. Prop configuration, right prop, (Pusher) ran clockwise, the left prop and tail prop (Regular) turned counter clockwise. No luck? I tried all different prop configurations nothing worked? Anybody have any ideas what is causing the Tricopter to spin?

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Hi Artem,

Using a Flysky, 9 channel transmitter. Later on today I'll go through everything again. Its a learning curve.

Sorry to break this to you but a tricopter MUST have a servo and mechanism for yaw control, unless it is a Y6 of course, but you say yours is a tricopter with 3 motors. Only a quadrotor or greater can yaw using the power (or torque) of the motors/props

Hi Ultrafuge,

I'll do that later on today. I'm starting to think it is something in the APM settings? Thanks for the input...

I just learned something new then. (Going to have to order servos.) Thanks for input!

Joe, it's not 100% clear on the wiki and the diagrams are ridiculously small so its an easy mistake to make. About half way down this page the diagrams are clearer: http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/connecting-the-escs-and-motors/. A tricopter must have a servo and yaw mechanism plugged into CH7 to allow for yaw control.

It's worth having a look through this site: http://rcexplorer.se/projects/2011/09/the-tricopter-v2-5/ there are some really great ideas, it's what I based my carbon tricopter on.

Yes, this is the setup I used. Prop 1 CW, Props 2,3 CCW.

They're small but there's a small black servo indicated on the image below motor 4 and below CH7 on the APM. Hang in there, tricopters are great fun to fly, I much prefer them to any other multirotor, the tail feels very locked in and precise and they actually feel a bit more like a plane than any other type of multi.

It's learning curve. To build something and it works the first time, is fine. But if something goes wrong, then you have to go find the problem. But to have all the issues going on now, and learning the mechanics of the drone is going to save a lot of problems in the future.

Thanks again Graham...


What size servo? And does that "tail servo" need it's own ESC? Or does it plug directly into pin 7 on the APM?

Thanks Joe...

Hi Joe,

You'll need to make a pivot point on the back for the servo to move.  Have a look at the rcexplorer.se site (V2 and V2.5 Tricopter) has a simple to build tail mechanism.  There are lots of different options out there.

Most metal gear 16g servos should do the trick.

I have used the following 2 metal gear servos:




That servo is critical and would explain why it wasnt getting off the ground without flipping.  A quad or higher number of motor multicopter operates without a tail servo as the motors can control the spin by varying the power appropriately.  A tricopter needs it as it cant balance itself otherwise.

I'd also recommend buying a spare one as I killed one with a crash, it was the only item broken.....

No ESC, that's for motors and yes it plugs right in to output 7 (RC 7).

Devil is always in the details :-)



Will do...


I don't know? (I'm beginning to think that the APM is defective?) Reloaded the firmware, calibrated the radio, and the Esc's, motors responded to Mission Planners calibration. Check the wiring, all good and where it supposed to plugged in.. Powered up the Tricopter and the props just spin? (They throttle up and throttle down, that's it?) Move the sticks on the radio left or right and the motors don't respond? No variable propeller speeds? And the tail servo doesn't move one way or the other? I followed the instructions given, but no luck?

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