Tricopter Yaw Motor Level and motor position for apm

hello everyone ( copter pilot ) ^_^

i have convert my f450 frame into tricopter, and i having great fly with it 

i have questions here:

1) just wondering, is it matter for yaw motor level to be same as the other? because once it try to lift on the air, i notice the tail going up first before the others, and i have to stabilize it with remote before it fly. Once its on the air, i dont even need to stabilize it anymore, and it can fly normally at all.

2) im using apm2.8, and follow the picture uploaded(right side). motor 1 cw, motor 2&3 ccw.. and still wondering, is it possible for me to make the 3rd motor cw(for sure i have to change the prop too)?

thanks for the help everyone ^_^ 

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ops sorry, for questions 2, its motor 2 and 4 ccw actually, ^_^

1) How is your CG? Sounds like it's maybe nose heavy, more weight on the two front motors?

2) Yes, while it may not be the most efficient you can use any combination of CW or CCW props on a tricopter as the tail prop controls yaw.

1) what is CG? sorry, still newbie here. i dont know either more weight on the 2 front motors because, i try thro up without the prop, the tail motor still be the first to run.. i do accel calibration again, no diff. result still the same, the level seems matter.

2) ty, i will try it tomorrow.

thanks for your fast response Graham Dyer

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