Does anyone know how to reverse the output from APM to the servo (tricopter)? I
think that I can fix this by rotating the servo, but it might be easier to just
change something in the code, since the DIP switches are not used anymore.


**The APM is mounted correctly; it's only the output to the yaw servo that is reversed
i.e. stabilize corrections are reversed, but manual input from the transmitter is correct.**

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To keep things simple and if you have a digital servo, then you can program it for reverse operation.

can we set reverse servo from configurator AMP by change value of RC7_REV?
It's an anolog servo. Where about is the RC7_REV - I can't seem to find it?

you can find on configuration-> command

but i don't know the function.

mybe you can try :)

I tried changing the value to/from: 1, 0, -1 -- there is no diffrnce between either of them. Maybe this function is disabled/not used in ACM2?
this is Comment by hsucliff 9 hours ago

Answer to RJBK,

    I used to try to modify source code to reverse tri servo, but didn't get it work.

I decided to change servo mounting direction for quicker setup.


and i will try to reverse the servo by hardware? (swap potensio & motor cable) may be it will work :)

becouse to difficult if i change the servo mouting :(


servo hardware change seems like a quite hard task :=(


could be easier or safer to buy a digital servo...



Ahhh! Just got it to work! You need to reverse the RC4 channel NOT the RC7 -- RC4 is the input for yaw on a tricopter. You reverse the channel by replacing 1 with -1 as per the APM manual. It would be nice if a revision of this page http://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/wiki/Reversing was in the ACM manual.
nice.. i'll try many thank's :)
i have try to change CH4_rev to -1, the ruder can reverse.

but my 3Cs is still rotate yaw to left

I think, i must reverse the yaw gyro.

i use prop. CCW for left front and back. and CW for right front

any idea?

By reversing CH4 the apm reverses the stabilize yaw signal, if manual yaw is reversed just reverse it on your transmitter.

Unless I am missing something, this is not the case. As of AC 2.0.39 (what im running now) CH4_REV only reverses the the radio input (the servo travel), it does not change the yaw single, that is still reverse. (at least it is on my tri).

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