I'm new to this site and kind of new in the RC world.
After searching a lot on this forum i didn't find out a good configuration for a tricopter, for a beginner. Please tell me what do you use, what do you recommend. What motors you use, what ESC, what servo, what remote, everything. This would help a lot people who are new to APM and don't know how to use it. Aslo, a tutorial of setting up a APM tricopter would be nice.
Please spare some time for the new guys, you were once like us :)
Thank you!

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After playing with kk2 i'd like to go for the apm 2.5. I'm tired of messing with the PI settings. Is apm easyer to set and fly? What sensors do you recommend for a more steady flight, taking off and landing? if i need any at all
Is there any Super Simple Gimbal equivalent for apm? What is it called?
Do i need to place the tricopter on a level surface for takeoff, like with the kk2? I find this hard to do most of the time.
What are the downsides of apm in your oppinion?
Thank you!

Hi. I`m new at r/c and I ordered some parts for a tricopter, and now I`m second guessing if they work together. If you could look over these parts and give some feedback it would be greatly appreciated 

Hobbyking KK2.0 Multi-rotor LCD Flight Control Board 
Turnigy Park300 Brushless Outrunner 1380kv

8045 SF Props 2pc Standard Rotation/2 pc RH Rotation (Red)
TURNIGY Plush 18amp Speed Controller 
TGY-211DMH Metal gear Coreless Digital Servo w/ Heat Sink 2.3kg / .10sec / 16g 
Turnigy nano-tech 2200mah 3S 25~50C Lipo Pack 
Nylon XT60 Connectors Male/Female (5 pairs) GENUINE 

There is actually more to adjust with APM 2.5 than the KK2 and you need a PC connected to do it.  That said, the APM 2.5 is an outstanding controller.  You only really need a GPS to add to the APM to get the full features...RTH, waypoint, position hold, etc.  You can use it without the GPS, but won't have position hold, Waypoint, or RTH capability.  I've never worried out having the frame perfectly level before powering it up and taking off.  Just do the accelerometer calibration and you should be good.

I now have a APM 2.5 and i can confirm all you said. I now have some problems with the camera gimbal wich seems to always point to the east, no matter the settings.

Can't help on that one. Sounds like you have a 3D gimbal.  You'd need to check with the manufacturer on how to set it up.

Emi,  so when you went to the APM, did the tricopter fly better ( easier)?

Can't really say that. It's a very fine line. The kk2 is awesome, but what makes APM better is the gps function, like loiter, return home, preplanned missions. It seems to me that kk2 was a litter more stable (especialy on high speed descends), but i haven't played with the PID setting on apm. I need to play with the I, i think, because it drifts with the wind.
Depending on that you need, apm is great, but still i have few issues with it.
I haven't solved the gimbal problem yet, didn't have the time. On kk2 the super simple gimbal is pure genious.
Now you decide if you need gps or not...
I'm still waiting for some functions, like follow me, that would be cool when riding a motorcycle or skying. Also, i was thinking of connecting a raspberry pi with camera to apm to act like a hd camera and telemetry 2 in 1.

APM does have a 'follow me' flight mode.  I don't know how to use it...I'm sure it's a GPS connected to a computer, or similar, that is linked with the APM via telemetry.  Personally I think it'd be more of a novelty thing, but I'm sure it'd have its uses too.

if your pitch or roll, )I forget right now, is set to zero, the cam will always go to one side. you have to have a number like 20 or 30, you have the cam hooked up to a10 and a 11 correct.

I know I read this in the apm manual about the cam always going to one side if the default is set to zero.

look under Mission planner, advance parameters, and scroll down you'll see it there.


I am same situation as Emi too... new to RC world and just get all the parts and try to build my first tricopter

Here is the parts i got 

- APM 2.6 board /w LEA 6H GPS combo with power module , telemetry, miniOSD

- HobbyKing 30A BlueSeries Brushless Speed Controller

- NTM Prop Drive 28-30S 800KV / 300W Brushless Motor

- RJX FS-0435HV Metal Gear Digital Servo

- Turnigy Talon Tricopter (V1.0) Carbon Fiber Frame

and now starting to find some setup guide on youtube..but lack of luck so far.... any insturction for me to help me setup my first DIY tricopter ? please help !!

thx so much Peter


follow these videos, they are ok for a beginner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jIfPHFkXHI even if they're not for apm. if you've got some other questions feel free to ask

ya i saw that one before too... but seems its only help me  for the hardware assembly part, since he is using KK board i am using APM 2.6

its good to know anyways , thx so much for your reply. if you know any video teach how to config a tricopter it would be much help !!

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