Triggering an On/Off Switch to turn on/off external led strips using a Pixhawk and a Spektrum DX7s


I have an X8 from 3DR Robotics and I'd like to add some led strips that can be turned on and off through my Spektrum DX7s. I bought an on/off switch and I connected it to an Aux port on my Pixhawk (Aux out 5 or 6). But I don't know how to "conncect" that Aux port to one of the switches on my RC.

Can you please help me ?

Thanks a lot.

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Any help on this subject? im trying to do the same thing.

No. Nothing that worked. I didn't get back to it because of frequent travels and the fact that the weather wasn't ideal to fly, but if you do find something that could help us, please let me know.

I have an Iris and did this same thing using the turnigy switch. I used the gimbal field in MP and the pan function in that section to configure RC 9, 10 or 11 which corresponds to the pixhawk rail. then you just select which channel to map this RC 9, 10, or 11 to. you will see it in the Pan section as well. The "bell" finally went off using this image as well as help from another Iris owner. the reason this image worked was because the pixhawk in the Iris did not have these numbers on the ports so had no idea what was what. worked great. 


But where did you take your power for the LEDS from?

Richard, i hard wired (soldered) to the battery connection point on my Iris for one end of switch then the other power line to the lights. use common ground so just tied all negatives together. worked great.

Hmmm, i was thinking of tapping in to the gimbal power using a y shaped JST harness. I know the voltage to the gimbal is protected by a regulator but not sure if it's low enough for the LEDs (4v-12v). Maybe I could fi the switch in this arrangement somehow?  

that should work fine but you still need to solder one end of the turnigy switch to power only. it doesnt have a negative except for the rx end. then the other end of positive from switch goes to the lights. the switch is just a power interrupt by the rx.

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