Trouble installing CHDK on Canon A 495 for aerial photography

Hi all,

First off I'd like to say how great a resource DIY drones has been for my drone project. I'm in the process of building a fixed wing drone using the FX-61 phantom and Pixhawk.

I've modified a Canon A 495 for NIR using the filter kit. I've been experimenting with different camera settings and am ultimately looking to use this modified camera with an intervalometer script using CHDK. I've read some posts on the USB trigger for running a distance based intervalometer script.

The problem is... I'm not able to load the proper CHDK firmware from the SD card. I know the version I need, but I can't figure out how to load the firmware. Could anyone on here suggest a good way to proceed?

The sd card is 4gb, non bootable, and has been formatted.

Any suggestions you can provide would be most appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance!

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Thank you very much! I've seen a couple of these pages but not the rest. I'll be sure to work through the instructions for making my sd card bootable.

Thanks again,

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