Hi I'm trying to find out the amp draw for my hexacopter to find out if i can put a 40 amp voltage telemetry monitor in my hexacopter

Here is my setup:

550 frame

3d Robotics 880kv motors

10x4.7 props

3d Robotics 20 amp esc's

5000 mah 3 cell battery with 30C rating 

Here is the Meter i want to use http://www.alofthobbies.com/sp-40a.html

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In my eyes, there are two options:

First you could simply look up the specifications of the motors you use and see what their maximum current is.

Second you could simply measure it. Remove the propellers, give full throttle and measure with a current meter.

Best regards


Will a multimeter work?

Check this out for battery/ power related calculations, you should get information on power draw and how to compute it correctly.


Good luck!

Hi Graham,

It is obvious that with such a motor configuration 40 amps is too low.

According to eCalc (http://www.ecalc.ch/xcoptercalc.php?ecalc) you would consume 65 amps at full throttle (assuming your AUW weight is about 4000g).

Just take a 90a attopilot or the 3DR PM module  and you will be fine.

That's what I meant.

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