Trouble With Following SITL Wiki Page


I'm a newbie and trying to do SITL of ArduCopter. Here is the steps I follow:

1. I run ArduCopter.elf and get the following messeges:

Starting SITL input
Serial port 0 on TCP port 5760
Waiting for connection ....

2. I type --master tcp: and get the followins:

Logging to mav.log

Init ArduCopter V2.5.5

Free RAM: 4096
FW Ver: 118
----------------------------MAV> ------------

load_all took 9us

Press ENTER 3 times for CLI

GUEU"d'`8EU3ising APM... ublox OK


U3STARTtU*U"d'`mInit GyroU<U"d'`*UU    "d'`J*U3
kU"d'`*U\U"d'`*UoU"d'`?*UVXU"d'`O*U3ising APM...OUU"d'`1_*U.U"d'`*UoU"d'`&*UAU"d'`*UvU"d'`C
gyro did not converge: diff=0.191763 dps
G_off: 0.01, -0.01, -0.01
A_off: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00


The not understandable series of letters keep appearing.

3. I run the simulator by typing  --home -35.362938,149.165085,584,270. Then I get

Simulating 4 motors for frame +
Starting at lat=-35.362938 lon=149.165085 alt=584.0 heading=270.0

As soon as I press the enter button, I see the following message on the above ArduCopter terminal:

cmd#: 0 id:16 op:0 p1:0 p2:0 p3:-35.3629379 p4:149.1650848

4. I type --master tcp: --sitl and get the following prompt:
Logging to mav.log

I don't know what to do from here. I think I have to provide PWM to the motors but don't know how.

Thanks for your time reading the post.

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  • Developer

    You've made good progress!

    The weird characters are MAVlink packets (ASCII "U"  = 0x55, which is the "STX, start transmit" header of the MAVlink packet. )

    So you're seeing MAVLink.

    The sim-multicopter part is working correctly too. You should indeed see the response that sets the GPS home position (cmd#: 0 id:16 op:0 p1:0 p2:0 p3:-35.3629379 p4:149.1650848)


    I think you have the command line for mavproxy incorrect. Instead of "--master tcp...." you need "--master=tcp:...."

    Otherwise it ignores the tcp part and tries to connect to a serial TTY, then you see nothing happening ;-)



    Once you fix that you can try these commands on mavproxy:


    rc 4 2000  (set full right rudder). You should see "MOTORS ARMING" or something

    rc 4 1500 (center rudder), you don't want to take off with full right rudder

    rc 3 1400 (40% throttle), take off


    After a second you should see:


    height 10

    height 20

    height 30







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