The first I took my quad out to test 2.5.3 loiter was a bit sketchy. The quad screamed from one edge of the field to the other, overshooting by a greater amount each time. (See below, it started somewhere in the middle. The pattern is about 35m across).

I dropped the Loiter P parameter to 0.2 and took it out today. It performed a bit better. The overshoots were more controlled, but it still covered and area of about 25m across.

Logs showed GPS was picking up about 10 satellites each time. Should I keep reducing P, or is something else at play here?



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Interesting. I had the copter just take off randomly and the salad bowl all over the place when LOITER P was at 2.0. I had to lower it way down before I got anything like a usable loiter. Having said that, my loiter is still pretty crap and I never said otherwise. I can't get it tighter than about 4 meters.

Hans, Please let us know about the declination compensation, I believe I need to adjust mine.

Hans: pretty crap... about 4 meters...

Hahaha.. I cant get it to stay in the same football field...

If anyone finds good or even semi good params for the ArduCopter 3DR-B Frame Kit please post them. I´m working on this, with zero success so far but I will post if I get any progess...

Hahahahah that was damn good... I am in the same situation. My loiter is pretty stable if the acceptable perception is a football field.  

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