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I'd like this discussion to focus on the bits we need to know or can modify specifically for our UAV's.

I know there are lots of forum discussions elsewhere on the Turnigy/iMax/Flysky Tx but none just for UAV



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I eventually managed to program my Turnigy 9X 3-way switch, the result is great (I think):
Tom thats a great job, can you still have flaps on this setup?  Since ch6 is usually flaps, any options to still have some flaps?  Sorry I am new to RC planes..
Not sure if this is mentioned elsewhere; I'm using the Pot knob on the front of the 9X transmitter as a mode switch.  I used a red and black marker to mark the alternating arcs/zones for the 6 modes (0-5) around the knob.  This way all modes are in one spot.  Works well for my needs
I just chose FLP as the slave channel as I wasn't using it, but I can't see why you couldn't choose another one.
I had considered that, but the prospect of having to check the position of the knob as I was desperately trying to regain control of my plane didn't appeal to me...

Tom, I found the link you provide to be one of the best explanations for mixing. But for whatever reason, I get to step 8, check the [DISPLAY] to make sure I can see changes and I don't see anything change on any of the channels when I move the 3 position switch. It's almost like my F. Mode three position switch isn't connected to anything. No matter what I change under PROG MIX or AUX CH, I can't get that switch to show anything under DISPLAY. Are you aware of anything else in the settings that I would need to change to make the 3 position switch show something? I am regretting getting something with so horrendous documentation.

I can't recall seeing anything that enabled or disabled the F Mode switch, so maybe yours is actually just faulty...

The documentation is pretty non-existent and the menus suck, but it was hardly wasted money for me. A gamble for sure, but so much cheaper than the other transmitters that it was worth a try.

IMO the Turnigy outshines all others by the Open Source nature of the firmware. There are destructions and guides, as well as no-soldering-installation kits availible to add a usb interface and upload new code.. if your comfortable with building a ardu-anything, you can handle adding new firmware to your Turnigy!. New code brings out easily programmable APMega switches and dials.

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