Hi all, first post, hope it's in the right section..

I'm currently trying to setup failsafe arducopter v2.3 and turnigy 9x v2 but I'm now stuck...

I set thr_failsafe = 1 and thr_fs_action = 2

I suppose that the failsafe function is enabled when all channel send 0-975 signal or the radio is swicthed off. 

Well, for what I'm seeing the original receiver of the turnigy 9x in PPM sends to the arducopter the last signal received. i.e. throttle at 60% and stays there,  unless you haven't enabled the failsafe function in the radio menu. But, as stated in the manual, it works only in PCM mode ( as far as I understand this is valid for other radios, too).

If I enable PCM mode, all the channells get crazy... throttle included... (no props attached!)

I'm pretty sure I'm missing something... if anyone can help it would be appreciated,


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It works out of the box just fine if it's a genuine 3DRobotics APM 2.6, none of the clones I've bought from China have worked.

I have the same radio.  Failsafe does not work in PPM mode.. just PCM. You need to do what I did.

I bough a FRsky transmitter and receiver module.  I't worth the money, you will get better range too.

Failsafe with the turnigy/frsky is a piece of cake.   I set mine for RTL.

Make sure you set the radio up for it correctly, if you use the default settings all motors will stop and it will fall like a brick.

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