The signal range on the ch.2 (pitch) of my turnigy 9x was dramatically reduce from about 1000-1800 to 1600-1800. While other channels remain at about 1000-1800. Does anybody know what could possibly cause this?


  • Yesterday I opened up the tx to change the mode of the tx from mode 2 to mode 1 which only required the changing the side of the spring.
  • After changing the mode, I recalibrated the radio and the radio seems to work fine.
  • Today I try to fly it but notice that the front motor seems to be spinning faster than other ones, so I try check the escs and motor and all seems to be working fine and later found out that the signal range on the ch2 is only 1600-1800 which probably causes the quad to think that I'm pushing the pitch stick down and so the front motor spins faster. (I'm using + configuration)

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assuming you can solder well, then just resoler the joints between the pcb and the pot,

just add a little solder to a clean soldering iron, then heat the joint at the place where the leg and the pcb meet, heat it until the solder melts, then add a little more solder to the top of the leg, remove the iron, and dont move until the solder is cold or you could make another dry joint,

good luck , its easy

ok, I resoldered the joint, but now the voltage doesn't change at all, always 4.99V between top and middle joint. Dead pot?

If pressure on the pot fixed it, and not it is completely dead then I would suggest that the legs of the pot were bad,

maybe you overheated it and killed it ,

you should measure the resistance change of the pot between the middle and any outer leg, that shoudl change as you move it, if it doesnt then i would change it,

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